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40 Arrested In Paris Over Euro 2016 Violence

(AFP) – Around 40 people were arrested in Paris after police used tear gas and water cannon against football fans hurling glass bottles at officers at the Eiffel Tower during the Euro 2016 final. Crowds of supporters, some donning French

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Security Clampdown As France Fears More Euro 2016 Violence

French police moved onto the streets of Lille to keep order on Wednesday as tens of thousands of Russian, English, Welsh and Slovak fans arrived for the latest round of high-risk Euro 2016 football matches. Authorities fear that Russia’s game

Euro 2016

Police Call For Vigilance Against Ramadan Terror Attacks

In light of indications of a possible terror attack, Belgian law enforcement authorities have called on soldiers patrolling the streets of Brussels to be on high alert during Ramadan. The Belgian police service has requested extra vigilance from soldiers deployed on the streets


VIDEO: UK Police Say Russia Fans Were Armed For Fight

(AFP) – The head of Britain’s Euro 2016 policing operation on Sunday said Russian football fans attacked their English rivals wearing gum shields, martial arts gloves and carrying knives. Assistant chief constable Mark Roberts told Britain’s Guardian daily the clashes

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German Cops: Terrorists Could Use Drones At Euro 2016

German Federal Police have warned the media that they are seriously looking at the prospect of drone-based terror attacks at the Euro 2016 football tournament. The German Federal Police (BKA) are warning that potential terror attacks at the upcoming Euro

The photographer's DJI Phantom 3 Pro multirotor drone flies on …

France Fearful of ‘Soft Target’ Euro 2016 Attack

AFP – Despite putting unprecedented security measures in place for Euro 2016, France remains deeply concerned over the jihadists’ ability to strike a soft target. Millions of foreign visitors, holidaymakers and sporting fans as well as the world’s press are set


France Faces Strike Chaos Ahead of Euro 2016

(AFP) – Looming strikes on trains and planes are threatening to bring chaos to France less than two weeks before Euro 2016 kicks off, with unions standing firm Monday in demanding that controversial labour reforms are scrapped. As the head


France To Deploy 60,000 Police For Euro 2016

AFP – France said Wednesday it will deploy more than 60,000 police to provide security for Euro 2016 as it vowed to do “everything possible to avoid a terrorist attack” during the tournament that starts next month. The comments from

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French Interior Minister Warns Of Euro 2016 Terror Risk

The French interior minister on Tuesday warned of the Islamist terror threat to the Euro 2016 football tournament, to be played in France in June and July. Bernard Cazeneuve was speaking a day before a cabinet meeting on plans to

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French Police Role Play Euro 2016 Terror Attacks

The French emergency services have begun holding training drills simulating terrorist attacks on Euro 2016 supporters ahead of the tournament this summer. One drill has played out a scenario similar to the Paris attacks of last year in which jihadis

Euro 2016

Mock Terror Attacks Staged Ahead Of Euro 2016 Football Tournament

French emergency services carried out terrorist attack simulation exercises on Monday at selected fan zones and venues two months ahead of the 2016 European Championships. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Health Minister Marisol Touraine both assisted at the exercise at

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