DELINGPOLE: Why I’m Backing Boris Johnson and Michael Gove


Last week a coalition of Brexit politicians including Boris Johnson and Michael Gove won the biggest popular mandate in British history.

More people – 17,410,742 – voted Leave last Thursday than have voted for anything else in Britain, ever.

No party or leader or cause has ever been so popular: not Winston Churchill, not Tony Blair, not Clement Atlee not Margaret Thatcher.

So how, you might wonder, is the British political establishment responding to this never-clearer signal from the people about what it is they really want?

Why, of course, by trying to put every possible object in their way to stop them.

Worst of the bunch, in my book, are all those Conservative MPs who are agitating to replace David Cameron when he goes with a Remain candidate such as Teresa May, in preference to the clear winner of the referendum Boris Johnson (who is supported by Michael Gove).

How does that work then?

Half of these MPs – Business Secretary Sajid Javid, Home Secretary Theresa May among them – were natural Eurosceptics who only opted to support Remain for tactical reasons: because they thought, with the Prime Minister and Chancellor onside, it was going to win and that it would be better for their career prospects when it did.

Surely, the only right and proper thing for them to do now is to acknowledge their error, support the popular will and put their weight behind the two Conservatives who did most to make Brexit possible: Team Boris and Gove?

Some people, I know, are still stupid enough to buy into the BBC/Guardian/Labour/Cameroon spin that Boris Johnson is a joke candidate who cannot be trusted near the nuclear button.

I remember hearing similar things about a presidential candidate called Ronald Reagan.

The “Boris is a clown” trope is just dark arts propaganda and sour grapes.

Boris Johnson’s team won this referendum fair and square. The people very clearly voted for Britain to Leave the European Union and that is what they must get.

I appreciate there are doubts about Boris’s commitment to leaving the EU. But he’s not stupid – really he’s not – and I’m sure he recognises that this is an issue where he has no choice.

Also, let us not forget that he has the most talented and brilliant minister in the government, Michael Gove to hold him true to the Brexit vote.

If Britain doesn’t leave the EU after this referendum, it will represent the most anti-democratic stitch-up in British political history.

There are is only one team within the government I trust to stop this happening. Cometh the hour, cometh the men! Go Boris! Go Gove!



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