UKIP Leader Diane James Tells ‘Magpie May’ UKIP Will Be The ‘New Opposition Party’


“From one grammar school girl to another”, the new leader of UKIP said to the Prime Minister, mocking Theresa May for “stealing” UKIP policies and stalling on exiting the European Union (EU).

“So, Mrs. May, you’re now PM, and if you’re watching TV this afternoon, you’ll be watching the opposition party in waiting”, Mrs. James told a cheering crowd shortly after being announced leader of UKIP.

“And Mrs. May, from one grammar school girl to another; stop the phaff, stop the fudge and get on with it”, she said, urging the Prime Minister to invoke Article 50 this year.

She described the Brexit vote as just the first “heat” in a “28 member state Olympics competition to leave the European Union” as well as urging UKIP to be “battle ready” for the next general election.

“The threats to the referendum outcome are increasing by the day,” Mrs. James warned.

Setting out her position on Brexit, she explained: “‘No’ to a European Union associated membership. ‘No’ to Brexit light. ‘No’ to single market controls and ‘No’ to unrestricted or uncontrolled freedom of movement.”

Mrs. James also mocked the new Tory leader for copying flagship UKIP policies, days after a small number of party officials defected to the Conservative party, claiming the Brexit vote had left UKIP redundant.

“Magpie May, you’ve stolen so far our two per cent defence spending [policy]. You’ve also tried to steal our grammar schools, but you’ll have some difficulties getting that one through”.

“Just remember,” she told the Prime Minister. “When you try and bury UKIP… try to undermine us, demoralise us, demotivate us, just remember that the best ideas – which you steal – where they came from and… where they will come from again in the future.”

Stepping out onto the stage at the beginning of her speech, she declared to the UKIP faithful: “We did it, ladies and gentlemen!”

Adding: “My goodness, you’ve handed over one hell of a mantle”, in reference to Nigel Farage who was looking on with a grin, before thanking the outgoing leader for all his work.

She said the party had entered a “new era” and insisted: “I am not Nigel light… but I will do everything I can for this party in the future”.


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