Sweden So Violent, Migrants Consider Moving Back To War-Zone Homelands


A migrant who fled the Somali Civil War 20 years ago is considering moving back to his homeland as he says Sweden has become a “war zone”.

Revealing that other migrants have fled parts of Sweden in fear of their lives, Mohammed Dame said he believes that Sweden is no longer a safe place.

Interviewed at a secret location, Dame said he and his family are on the run from criminal gangs that now rule the Gothenburg suburbs.

He told NRK, Norway’s public broadcaster, “It’s like a war zone. We do not know who gets shot. Bullets can hit you anywhere.

The Somalian migrant is not the first arrival to ask whether life in their homeland could be better than the increasingly violent, multicultural Europe. Breitbart London reported in 2015 on a Syrian migrant who delivered a letter to the German government requesting they terminate his asylum application as he preferred it at home. Today, so-called voluntary repatriations are surging.

“Now there are more weapons than ever. There are more drugs than ever. There is more insecurity. Everyone is afraid. I dare to say the truth, there are not many who dare it.”

Dame was six year old when he arrived in Sweden. In Gothenburg he became a member of the civilian police. Because of this, criminals accused him of reporting them — something he denies — and threatened him with death.

After constant threats and harassment from criminal gangs, and the experience of being followed and surrounded by threatening men with guns Dame said he became too afraid to leave his apartment, and barred his children from playing outside. As a result, the family decided to flee.

Describing the situation in the migrant-heavy areas he left behind, Dame said: “Now we see murders every week. We have seen attacks with automatic weapons at the restaurant, where people are shot to death. We’ve seen grenades being thrown through the windows of houses and children killed.

“People are desperate and terrified. They think of their children. They get a stomach ache every time they swing into the parking lot where they live. We are at war, with weapons and gun and drug everywhere. They have taken over the block where I lived. It can not continue this here.”

Dame said he thinks that while the police are too soft on the criminal gangs, the parents of criminals are responsible for the situation.

He isn’t the only one to have fled the third world chaos now present in several areas of Sweden Dame disclosed, asserting: “Many have fled with their children. They are afraid that they, or their children, will be killed.”

Dame told his interviewer he hopes the trend in parts of Sweden towards becoming lawless war zones reverses and that society can take back control of suburbs from the criminal gangs which now rule them.

If that doesn’t happen, he said he may return to a Somalia that now feels safer than the country that granted him asylum.

“Maybe I’ll move back. I do not know. But I will not be moving around in Sweden. I want to feel safe”, he told NRK.

A recent report showed that 80 per cent of police officers in Sweden are considering changing career due to the danger they face in the field. Up to three officers quit each week, violence and criminality in areas of Sweden which are heavily populated by migrants is so severe.


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