There is a Lack of Christianity in the Church of Sweden

Church of Sweden

Sweden isn’t famous for being a religious country. In fact, it is considered one of the most secular countries in the world.

Despite that, Christianity has been a defining factor in the development of the Western values and lifestyle we have today. In a world where terrorism has become all too commonplace and we are seeing a clash between civilizations and cultures, Sweden desperately needs a Church that stands up for Christianity and for our values.

Today, the leader of the Swedish Church has more than just a religious responsibility. They also must stand up against the slaughter of Christians in Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

They have a diplomatic duty to reach out to Muslim religious leaders and to persuade them to speak out against fundamental Islam, which is the root of the terror we see today.

And unfortunately, that is exactly what the Swedish Church is sorely lacking. Recently, Swedish Archbishop Antje Jackelén wrote a joint article with the Chairman of the Swedish Council for Imams, Mahmoud Khalfi, and other high-profile figures in the Catholic Church and the Jewish community.

Instead of taking a clear stance against radical Islamism, the article argued that the situation should not be framed as a war between cultures, for fear of offending moderate Muslims. These religious leaders prefer instead to deny that there is a problem with a radical and barbarian Islamic culture at all.

The article also argued for the importance of dialogue, stressed that we all believe in the same God and acknowledged that the Bible also contains violent parts: essentially all the arguments a Muslim fundamentalist would use to deflect criticism from his horrible ideology.

And here the influence of such a person is clear: Mahmoud Khalfi, who is well known for his connection with the Muslim Brotherhood. The international organization aims to spread radical Islamic ideology throughout the world.

In one of the roughest times yet for Christians, the leader of the Swedish Church is colluding with Islamists to cover up radical Islamic barbarity.

Political leftism and Islamism have infiltrated the Swedish Church. Unsurprisingly, Jackelén did not utter a word after the ritual execution of 85-year-old French priest Jacques Hamel by ISIL knifemen in July. Obviously, that might have hurt someone’s feelings.

Recently, she spoke of “the need to take down Christian crosses” in a Swedish church. Why do we need to take down our crosses, you ask? Well, obviously it is hostile to people of other faiths, you racist bigot.

Luckily, there is some hope for Christians in Sweden. Recently, a campaign started with the hashtag #mittkors (#mycross), to pay tribute to Christians killed and followed across the world. Surely no one could be against that? Perhaps, except for a radical Muslim responsible for killing Christians?

Oh, and of course, the chief of communications for the Swedish Church, Gunnar Sjöberg. He called the campaign “seditious and un-Christian.” How he came to the conclusion that wearing a cross and telling others about it on social media is an act of sedition is beyond me. It is also beyond my grasp to understand how wearing a Christian cross is an un-Christian act, but who am I to judge?

After describing all this madness, there is not much more I need to say. I believe it speaks for itself in a horrible way.

My point is not that the Church and the state in Sweden need to be connected in all respects. However, it is my firm belief that in such a time of suffering and pain, we all need something to identify ourselves with.

The Church still plays that role for many people. The institution deserves better than to be mocked by a leadership running errands for Islamists.

Tobias Andersson is the National President of the Sweden Democrat’s youth wing, the Young Swedes. 


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