Top Merkel Advisors Demand Germany Blocks Brexit

Theresa May Meets Angela Merkel after the Brexit vote
Adam Berry/Getty

The German Council of Economic Experts, who advise on policy to the German government, have urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to block Brexit.

The so-called “Wise Men” – an independent and influential group of academics set up in 1963 to advise on economic policy – called for “constructive negotiations to prevent an exit”.

“Brexit can still be prevented”, they claimed in a recent report, cited by Bild, which was delivered to Chancellor Merkel on Thursday.

“Due to the consequences, political actors should not assume too soon that Brexit is a done deal,” the document adds.

Failing attempts to block the will of British voters, Mrs. Merkel should “at the least to come to an agreement that minimises the damage on both sides”.

They insist the UK will be hit much harder by the divorce than Germany and the short-term fiscal impact on Germany would be “moderate” as its economy is strong.

However, according to German media, the report also encourages Mrs. Merkel to keep an open mind to concessions that Britain might request – likely to be border controls and limits on the number of EU migrants entering the UK.

But “a stance which is too lenient could encourage others to become copycats, with unforeseeable consequences”, the document states.

The report came ahead of today’s High Court ruling, insisting Prime Minister Theresa May can not use the Royal prerogative to invoke Article 50 and begin leaving the EU without the consent of parliament.

The Lord Chief Justice said the government’s arguments are “contrary to fundamental constitutional principles of the sovereignty of parliament”.

“The court does not accept the argument put forward by the government. There is nothing in the text of the 1972 Act to support it,” he added.

Given around 62 per cent of MPs and 78 per cent of the cabinet backed remaining in the EU, it’s entirely possible the British exercise in direct democracy could be overturned by parliament.


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