Local Politician, Journalists Gunned Down Outside Finnish Restaurant

Finland Police

Three women including a local politician and two journalists were shot dead in Finland on Saturday night after they left a restaurant in the town of Imatra.

Finnish media has reported how the Social Democrat chair of the Imatra town council Tiina Wilen-Jäppinen and two unidentified local journalists were shot in the head and chest by a gunman on Saturday night. The 23 year old male killer is reported to be a known criminal and used a rifle to attack the women, and was arrested shortly afterward.

Police say there is “no clear indication” that the women were specifically targeted and they believe they were picked by chance, reports the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

A spokesman for the publishing house which managed the publication one of the journalists worked for said this morning: “our staff are in mourning. Our thoughts are with the victims and their colleagues in this time of violent passing. We are trying in every way to support the relatives of the victims in their sorrow”.

Candle-lit memorials have been established outside the Imatra restaurant where the women died.

Speaking of the killing, town mayor Pertti Lintunen said: “I’m very upset. I can’t understand this… we must work together, so we can prevent these things. We will try every day, to try and live on”.

Finnish police are investigating the triple murder.

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