Pro-Migrant Group Helping Illegals Avoid Deportations


German politicians are furious with a pro-migrant group who are using social  media to inform migrants when to lay low to avoid their scheduled deportations.

German politicians have expressed anger with a pro-migrant club based out of the town of Radebeul called “Colourful Radebeul” who have taken it upon themselves to warn migrants of possible deportations. The club has used its Facebook page to tell migrants from Albania, Serbia, and Kosovo that the authorities were planning to deport them on the 7th and 8th of December allowing the migrants to flee elsewhere to avoid the deportations Tag 24 reports.

Geert Mackenroth, a regional politician who heads up the commission on foreigners, is angry with the club for interfering in the deportation process, saying that they should behave as a neutral party. He said that the asylum law is clear and is legitimate because it comes from a democratically elected government and that the clubs actions only further  help those living in the country illegally.

Christian Democrat Union politician Sebastian Fischer said that the club was hindering the ability of the government to carry out the law and noted that while the club does not receive money from the state that it should still not act in such a manner.

The Interior Ministry in Saxony also commented on the matter saying, “such posts naturally complicate the work of our colleagues,” and noted that the deportations only happen after the migrants have been told repeatedly that they will have to leave and are given the option to do so voluntarily.

The club, which describes itself as a nonprofit working to help migrants, has declined all press questions on the post telling one journalist that the board had to vote on whether or not to talk about the matter.  The paper Saechsische Zeitung had asked whether or not the club published the information to directly aid illegal migrants who wished to evade being deported.

Pro-migrant charities and organisations have been a thorn in the sides of many governments over the course of the migrant crisis and have been linked to violence, rioting, and even deaths. In Calais, before the destruction of the infamous Jungle migrant camp, pro-migrant “No Borders” activists stirred up rumours and led rampaging migrants through the city of Calais in an attempt to storm ferries to cross into Britain.

In Greece at the squalid Idomeni camp, which has also been cleared, pro-migrant activists helped migrants storm the border with Macedonia and handing out fake maps which ultimately resulted in the deaths of several migrants who downed trying to cross a nearby river.

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