Early French Presidential Polls Show Macron In Double Digit Lead

Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Polls released since the first round of the French presidential election show pro-globalist Emmanuel Macron leading anti-mass migration candidate Marine Le Pen by double digits.

The poll, conducted by Elabe, was published Monday and shows Macron with a commanding lead in the second round vote with 64 per cent of the vote while Le Pen has 36 per cent. The En Marche leader beats Le Pen in most age demographics according to the poll, but some are sceptical that the race is already over as one out of five French voters have yet to express a choice, L’Express reports.

One demographic that Le Pen is winning over is the working class. According to the poll, a majority of French workers, or 54 per cent, support the anti-mass migration candidate. Macron, who is often seen as the candidate of globalism and France’s elite class, predictably scores 81 per cent of the vote from executives and those in academia.

The strong showing for Macron comes from the left wing vote; 93 per cent of those who backed Socialist party candidate Benoit Hamon and 77 per cent of those who voted for far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon have thrown their support behind Macron.

On the right of the political spectrum, 63 per cent of supporters of Republican François Fillon said they would vote for Macron and 37 said they would vote for Le Pen.

Of all those asked about their voting intentions, close to one-fifth, or 17 per cent, had not decided who they would vote for. Many of these undecided voters are supporters of Fillon and Mélenchon.

Le Pen’s platform, which combines some of the tough-on-crime and tough-on-Islamism policies of Fillon and some of the protectionist policies of Mélenchon, could appeal to voters – though it remains to be seen to what extent.

Many experts are cautious about celebrating a Macron victory two weeks ahead of the election. U.S. broadcaster CNN has cast doubt on the accuracy of the polling, though many first round polls were mostly accurate.

In her victory speech on Sunday evening, Le Pen framed the second round race as a debate on globalism and said the survival of France is at stake. Shocking many in France and abroad earlier this week, she temporarily stepped down as leader of the Front National to, in her words, “feel more free, and above partisan considerations.”

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