Blair: Macron Win in French Presidentials Would Be Great Global Victory

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has heaped praise on globalist former investment banker Emmanuel Macron, remarking that were he to be elected to the presidency this week it would be a “victory” for the world.

Emmanuel Macron, who has been consistently likened to Tony Blair during the electoral campaign for his centrist, globalist politics and considerably establishment background came first in the first round of the French presidential elections in April. In the second round this coming Sunday the former banker is set to face populist leader Marine Le Pen, who recently stood down from the leadership of her Front National party to appeal to a broader base in the coming vote.

Praising Mr Macron but brushing off claims that he was his heir in global politics, the former British Prime Minister who led the country to war in Iraq said in an interview with French newspaper Le Monde: “What is important is that his election could be a real victory for a more global approach to politics”.

As well as having an optimistic outlook for the globalist Mr Macron, Mr Blair was also full of praise and positive thoughts for the future of the globalist European Union, from which the United Kingdom is presently in the process of extracting itself from, and in the French elections the possibility of ‘Frexit’ has been raised seriously for the first time.

Making his feelings clear that even the most significant nations in Europe could no longer be counted as global powers, Mr Blair said: “The Eurosceptics are under the sad illusion that Europe is going to give up and collapse. It’s just not the case! The EU has committed some serious mistakes, but the logic behind it is stronger than ever: It’s the geopolitical reality of the 21st century. For mid-sized powers like Germany, France and the UK, the only way to defend their interests is to stay together”.

Mr Blair couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a comment on the state of British politics and in particular the Labour party which he formerly led, giving it their greatest ever electoral results and control of national government from 1997. In a thinly veiled attack on the old-left present party leader Jeremy Corbyn he said: “I tried to make Labour a vehicle for that [centrist] spirit, too.

“In the UK I would like to see Labour back on that path. Because if we end up limited to a choice between either the conservative supporters of a “hard Brexit” or the current extreme-left Labour, a lot of people will be left by the wayside with no choice”.

The former Labour leader said he’d modernised Labour in 1997 and that the world was now changing so fast, the left “has to modernise quickly and catch up”.

These remarks came as Mr Blair said in an interview with British newspaper The Mirror that he was ready to “get [his] hands dirty” again in a return to politics in order, apparently to frustrate Brexit.

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