German Police Say 31 Injured When Bus Burnt After Crash

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BERLIN (AP) — Police say they fear a number of people may have died when a coach went up in flames after it crashed into a truck Monday morning in southern Germany, injuring 31 people and leaving 17 others to be accounted for.

“We’re afraid that people may have died in the accident,” police spokeswoman Irene Brandenstein told The Associated Press.

She said several people were severely injured in the crash near Muenchberg in Bavaria.

Two drivers and 46 people and were on the bus, Brandenstein said.

German news channel n-tv showed images of the bus which was burned down to a black, smoking skeleton.

Several helicopters and ambulances were on the scene to rescue the injured and the A9 highway was closed in both directions because of the accident.

Brandenstein said the bus crashed into the truck at the end of a traffic jam. She had no information immediately about what happened to the truck driver. She said she had no information about who was on the bus and where it had come from.


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