Hungary: After Barcelona, EU Leaders That Can’t Guarantee Security Have ‘No Place’ in Politics


Conservative Hungary has declared that EU politicians not up to the task of securing the continent’s safety “have no place among the leaders of Europe” following recent terror attacks.

“European leaders are responsible for guaranteeing the security of the continent, and those who are incapable of doing so have no place among the leaders of Europe” declared Péter Szijjártó, the Minister for Foreign Affair and Trade under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“Their job [is] to do something to combat the threat of terrorism, [but] the standard of the European reactions to the latest attacks in Barcelona and Finland is worrying.”

“Europe’s leaders express their condolences following such attacks, but then continue their statements by saying ‘we will not allow ourselves to be intimidated’ and will not allow the lives of European people to be changed,” he said.

Szijjártó indicated that such words are, in his estimation, simply empty rhetoric, indicative of people who are “misunderstanding reality”.

He suggested that “if this is all they are capable of” then the peoples of Europe are in great danger.

“Security has now also become an important criterion when planning trips within Europe, and the true issues concerning European security remain unsolved because many are incapable of discussing them in an objective manner,” Szijjártó asserted.

“One must take a look at who the perpetrators of these attacks are: illegal immigrants or people who arrived or whose families arrived in Europe as immigrants, and whose integration has been unsuccessful.

“There have of course been successful social integration processes, but there have also been failed ones, and parallel societies have come about in some places.”

Examples of failed integration and parallel societies are not hard to come by in Western and Northern Europe.

Breitbart London recently reported how scores of so-called ‘Shariah Police’ are enforcing Islamic customs in the Chechen community in Berlin, beating native men who are seen with Chechen woman, and cursing and harassing the women themselves when they fail to obey Islamic dress codes.

Grafitti warning ‘NO Whites Allowed After 8 pm’ has been spotted in Birmingham, England, which is projected to be minority white British no later than by 2020, if it is not already.

In fact, the Chief Rabbi of Barcelona, Meir Bar-Hen, believes the situation is so acute that the recent terror attack in the city prompted him to tell congregants “Europe is lost” and urge them to buy property in Israel.

“This place is lost. Don’t repeat the mistake of Algerian Jews, of Venezuelan Jews. Better [to get out] early than late.”

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