Ghanaian Migrant Who Raped Camping German in Front of Her Boyfriend Calls Victim a ‘Prostitute’

WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/Frank Brehm/Bonn Police

The Ghanaian migrant accused of raping a German student whilst threatening to kill her boyfriend if he intervened has branded his victim a “prostitute” in court.

Identified only as Eric X. in local media, the failed asylum seeker is accused of raping the 23-year-old victim in a meadow near Bonn, after slashing the camping couple’s tent with a machete and demanding their valuables.

The pair handed over six euros and a portable set of speakers, before hearing their assailant tell the woman, “Come out, bitch. I wanna f*** you,” in English  — threatening to kill her 26-year-old boyfriend if he tried to prevent the assault.

Defying the advice of his lawyers to stay silent, the Ghanaian railed against his victims — who local media report to be heavily traumatised by the attack  — during his appearance at a district court in Bonn.

“I do not understand why I should be silent about a case I don’t know anything about,” he said, before lashing out at Judge Eumann for noting that the defendant’s DNA was an exact match to that found on the victim.

“If the court says that this is my DNA, then I must call the girl a prostitute,” Eric X. cried out, shackles rattling as he gesticulated wildly, according to Die Welt.

“Anyone who supports this girl who claims she was raped is the dirtiest man on earth,” he added.

The court also heard Eric X. embark on a “long-winded narrative” about his life in Ghana, during which he was repeatedly told by the judge to “get to the point”.

According to the accused, his father owned several cocoa plants and “was like a king” in the African country.

“He had a lot of money and was very well known. In Ghana, a king can have as many women as he wants, if he can take care of them,” he told the court.

The suspect was arrested soon after the attack in nearby Siegburg after a man recognised him from a composite picture of the rapist that was released by German police.

It later emerged that Eric X. could have been deported since March 17th, when his application for asylum was rejected. Just 10 days before the attack, he was informed by authorities that he faced deportation to Italy, where he first filed an asylum claim.


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