WATCH: Clinton’s Failure Tour Goes Further South During UK Leg

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has welcomed the ‘inspirational’ failed U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to London, as she continued to blame her failed campaign on Russia and “the white supremacy point of view”.

Mrs. Clinton has spoken at a number of events around the UK to promote her new book, as well as appearing on national news and current affairs programmes.

Speaking on Channel 4 News on Friday, she claimed that, “in the Trump campaign, the white supremacy point of view, and those who practice it, was given great opportunity to be part of the campaign.”

Hillary Clinton on white supremacy & Trump

“Whatever scapegoat you wanted, whatever prejudice you held, was going to be fed by Donald J. Trump.”

Hillary Clinton speaks about the rise in white supremacy during and in the wake of President Trump’s election campaign.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Monday, 16 October 2017


She said that Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was “embraced by the Trump campaign” and that President Donald J. Trump appealed to “scapegoat[s]” and “prejudice” to win the election.

On Sunday, the London mayor welcomed her to the capital city, tweeting several pictures posing with Mrs. Clinton, captioned: “Wonderful to welcome @HillaryClinton to London. Her strength and experience continues to inspire millions across the globe.”

She was also given a warm welcome on the BBC’s One Show and spoke at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, where she said that the Kremlin was using the internet to boost “ripples of right-wing nationalism and populism” and break up the European Union (EU) and NATO.

According to The Times, she claimed Russian propaganda had influenced the U.S. presidential election, targeted French and German politicians, and the UK was now at risk.

“Russia’s weapons of choice may not be tanks or missiles, but let me be clear: this is a new kind of Cold War and it is just getting started,” she said.

“We may in the 19th century have fought wars on land and sea and in the 20th century moved to the air, but in the 21st century, wars will be increasingly fought in cyberspace. America, the UK, and its allies need to approach the threat with new courage and resolve together.”

She also said Russia wanted to “threaten, disrupt, and destabilise Europe” and added: “We need to get serious when it comes to cyberspace and get tough on Putin.”

Hillary Clinton Highlights from Cheltenham Literature Festival

From sexism to gun control, Hillary Clinton has a lot to say – and she isn’t going anywhere.

These clips are from our live interview at Cheltenham Festivals.

Posted by The Times and The Sunday Times on Sunday, 15 October 2017


She told the festival that Wikileaks was “an arm of Russian intelligence”, adding: “We do not see them drop anything negative about Russia or Putin.”

She criticised Facebook and Google for not censoring adverts, which she claimed had been designed to “fan the flames of division in our society”. Facebook had been “paid in roubles” and was “facing a lot of questions”.

Donald Trump, who beat her to the presidency in last year’s election, was “Putin’s puppet”, she said.


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