Prosecutor Calls for 13-Year Sentence for Migrant Who Raped Woman at Camp Site

WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/Frank Brehm/Bonn Police

The public prosecutor in Bonn is calling for a 13-year sentence for a 31-year-old Ghanaian migrant who approached a young couple out camping and raped the young woman in front of her boyfriend.

The incident occurred earlier this year in July and when the 31-year-old approached the young German couple who were in their tent at a campsite in the Siegaue conservation area. The migrant, who is said to have threatened the pair with a knife, took their money and then brutally raped the 23-year-old woman, is now on trial and could be facing at least 13 years behind bars, Der Spiegel reports.

During the trial, a psychiatric expert testified that they believed the Ghanian migrant to be guilty of the crime and other evidence has weighed against the migrant who claims to be innocent.

The Ghanian’s case was likely not helped by the fact that earlier in the trial he referred to the raped woman as a “prostitute”.

The verdict in the case is expected later in the week, but the case is only the latest in a wave of migrant sex attacks that have occurred in Germany and across Europe since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015.

The most well-known incident involving migrant sex attacks happened on New Year’s Eve in 2015 when over a thousand women were sexually assaulted or raped in the historic centre of Cologne causing an international scandal.

Statistics have shown migrant sex attacks rapidly increased after 2015 with Austria publishing a report claiming that sex crimes committed by migrants had gone up 133 per cent in only one year.

The German region of Baden-Württemberg published similar data this year saying that in 2016, migrant sex crimes had almost doubled in the region.

In more than one case, a migrant sex attack has had deadly consequences for the victim. The most high-profile case was that of Maria Ladenburger who was raped and killed by an Afghan migrant who lied about being underage.

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