Trump More Popular Than ‘Establishment’ Euro Leaders Merkel and Macron

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

While mainstream media in the West mocks Donald Trump for his poll ratings, the U.S. president enjoys greater support than do three of Europe’s most prominent leaders, according to a new analysis.

Recent polls which showed the U.S. leader’s approval ratings hovering in the low to mid-40s were reported by a gloating media underneath headlines such as ‘Trump Only Sees Polls That Make Him Feel Good, and There Aren’t Many’, and ‘Americans Think Trump Is Really Bad at Being President’.

But, according to Zogby Analytics, the leaders of France, Germany, and Britain  — all of whom are far less maligned by the liberal media than Trump  — are each less popular than the U.S. president.

The pollster’s survey of people in Britain found UK leader Theresa May suffers from “extremely low popularity”, with her approval rating at 28 per cent favourable, 61 per cent unfavourable.

“Her numbers are low among all demographics, but are much lower among younger adults aged 18-29 (16 per cent favourable/71 per cent unfavourable) compared with adults 50+ (36 per cent favourable/53 per cent unfavourable),” noted the public opinion research company.

“A majority of adults in France and the UK dislike Macron and May; nearly half of adults in Germany dislike Merkel,” declared Zogby Analytics, presenting their survey results under the headline “Citizens of France, Germany and UK Not Happy with Macron”.

According to the pollster’s research, French President Emmanuel Macron was similarly unpopular, with approval among people surveyed in France standing at 28 per cent, while 52 per cent expressed disapproval at the arch-globalist’s rule.

Described as having “come from nowhere” to form the En Marche party earlier this year, the former financier and Hillary Clinton ally was “hailed as a centrist who could bridge the major parties” when elected president, Zogby Analytics notes.

“The honeymoon period is now over and his favourable/unfavourable ratings reflect this change of heart among French citizens,” the pollster stated.

As Breitbart London reported in September, Macron used his speech at the United Nations (UN) to position himself as a globalist “anti-Trump”, countering the U.S. president’s strong pro-sovereignty message by declaring that France and other nations “are irremediably linked to one another in a community of destinies for today and tomorrow”.

German acting Chancellor Angela Merkel  — who was hailed as the new leader of the liberal, anti-nationalist “free world” by a press horrified by U.S. voters choosing Trump as the successor to Barack Obama  — was reported by Zogby Analytics to have an approval rating of 40 per cent, with disapproval at 49 per cent of Germans surveyed.

Fighting to extend her reign as chancellor to a historic fourth term, Merkel is “looking to broker a governing coalition on the home front and take on the challenges associated with Brexit and European Union reform”, according to the pollster.

However, “outside and inside of Germany, Merkel’s favourability rating has … been taking a hit,” it reported, noting she is much more favourably viewed by high earners and graduates than by low earners and non-college graduates.


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