Danish Left Unveils ‘Ambitious Plan’ to Slash Third World Migration

Mette Frederiksen from The Social Democrats, speaks at Christiansborg in Copenhagen on Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015.
Philip Davali/Polfoto via AP

Presenting an ambitious plan to slash migration from non-Western nations, Denmark’s Social Democrats said the country lacks the capacity to integrate further flows of third world migrants.

The largest party in Denmark, where it is part of the left-wing opposition, the Social Democrats on Monday unveiled a 44-page migration policy document pledging “to introduce a cap on the number of non-Western foreigners who can [enter]”.

“We want to reform our asylum system, among other things, by setting up reception centres outside Europe, and in the future it will not be possible for refugees to obtain asylum in Denmark outside quotas set by the United Nations,” said Social Democrats head Mette Frederiksen.

Under the proposals, immigrants would no longer be able to turn up “spontaneously” at Denmark’s border or migrant centres to file asylum claims, and would instead be sent to a Danish-run reception centre in North Africa while their case is examined.

If granted asylum by authorities, the refugees would remain in the yet unspecified transit country and living under the protection of the UN’s refugee agency while Copenhagen pays to cover their living expenses.

Frederiksen, who holds a degree in African Studies, said the country of 5.7 million people lacks the capacity to integrate people from the third world, having had to absorb almost 30,000 people as a result of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open the border in 2015.

“The population in Denmark has changed rapidly in a short time: in 1980, one percent of the Danish population was not of Western origin, today it is eight percent,” she said.

Analysing the party’s “ambitious asylum plan” in a piece for political news site Altinget, Erik Holstein writes: “Above all, the Social Democrats leadership sees the large influx of non-Western migrants and refugees as a threat to the nation’s welfare society.

“That non-European migrants cost the treasury 33 billion Danish krone annually emphasises this, along with the incontestable fact that a welfare society relies on the existence of common norms and solidarity.”

Breitbart London reported Wednesday that Denmark’s centre-right coalition government, which has taken a consistently much tougher line on both migration and integration compared to its European neighbours, issued a press release indicating it is seeking to outlaw Islamic face coverings.


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