‘Guerrilla Warfare’: Gina Miller Slams Soros-Backed Anti-Brexit Group as ‘Undemocratic’

AP Photo/Matt Dunham

The Soros-backed Best for Britain group working to overthrow the government and block Brexit is “undemocratic”, according to founder Gina Miller.

Miller became well-known as an opponent of Brexit after using the Supreme Court to force the Government to seek Parliament’s approval to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and kick off the Brexit process, which could have seen MPs vote down the will of the people.

However, she has now sought to distance herself from the anti-Brexit group that she co-founded in a strongly worded statement, claiming they are betraying her values of “transparency” after receiving hundreds of thousands from the pro-open borders billionaire George Soros.

The group is working to build a network of powerful allies to undermine the Government before it can implement the Brexit vote, and Miller is insisting the public has the “right to know” who is backing it as it fights the referendum result.

Best for Britain hopes to trigger a second referendum by recruiting MPs to vote down any deal with the EU and stall the Brexit process.

In her statement, Miller slammed the lack of “transparency about key players’ motivations, agendas and activities”, and urged “those keen to play their part in the Brexit debate to be open and honest about what they stand for, whom they represent and by whom they are funded”.

She also claimed not to have been involved in the Soros-backed group since June 2017, but was still describing herself as involved on Twitter and in interviews for most of last year.

Soros’s Open Society Foundations is one of the biggest campaigning groups in the world and the banker frequently interferes in international politics. His involvement in Best for Britain was exposed earlier this week after it was reported that he had given them £400,000 and hosted a meeting between Labour’s Lord Malloch-Brown, two other financiers, and six major Tory donors.

The Hungarian-American speculator, infamous as ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank of England’ for his role in the Black Wednesday crash, has a close relationship with the European Commission and backs many of their mass migration policies.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Ms. Miller added: “When I read the coverage I pulled back and thought this is not where I think this should be going. It was a good decision to part ways.

“[The plot] is undemocratic. One of the objectives cannot be to bring down a Government, not without an election or a referendum.

“This idea of bringing down a Government and guerrilla warfare, I don’t agree with any of that. I’m a transparency campaigner, it doesn’t matter which side of the argument you are on.

“If you are going to have funders who are getting involved in something that could determine Britain’s future then the public has a right to know who is backing it. This is about the future of our country.”

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