Hungary’s Orbán Calls for Patriotic Alliance to Save Europe, ‘We’ll Fight Together to Stop the Soros Plan’

AP Photo/Ronald Zak

Viktor Orbán has called for patriotic EU allies to join Hungary in its fight against the globalist war on nation states which would see the West fall.

“Dark clouds are gathering over Europe because of immigration,” the conservative prime minister warned an audience in Budapest on Sunday, at the nation’s annual state of the union address.

“Nations will cease to exist, the West will fall, while Europe won’t even realise that it has been invaded,” he said, declaring that “Christianity is Europe’s last hope” against rising “Islamisation” taking place on the continent.

“Absurd as it may sound, the danger we face comes from the West, from politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris,” he said, stating that liberal politicians who “opened the way for the decline of Christian culture” in Europe are determined “to force Hungary to adopt their policies that have made them immigrant countries”.

“Hungary will only express solidarity with Western European leaders who want to rescue their country and its Christian culture,” said Orbán, slamming repeated demands from Brussels that unwilling nations be forced to take a share of third world migrants arriving to the bloc.

“We are not alone,” the prime minister added, pointing to governments in the fellow Visegrád nations of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland, which stand with Hungary in rejecting the quotas, and praising Austria, Bavaria in Germany, and Croatia for “turning in a patriotic direction”.

“We will fight together to stop Soros’s plan in Brussels and the United Nations, ” Orbán said, accusing the globalist financier of using his vast wealth to buy influence not only in Brussels — where his Open Society Foundations lists almost a third of MEPs as “reliable allies” — but also at the United Nations (UN), proposals of which seek to normalise mass migration.

“If we have enough allies – and we can have enough allies – then I am sure we’ll succeed,” he told supporters.

“We will not remain silent and watch the execution of the Soros Plan: if need be, we will make use of stronger legal tools,” continued Orbán, highlighting the “Stop Soros” legislative package his government presented to parliament last week, which could see open borders NGOs assisting illegal migration taxed to provide funds for border protection.

“If they do not stop their dangerous activities, we will simply expel them from the land, no matter how powerful or rich they may be.”

With his Fidesz party on track to win a landslide third consecutive victory in April, Orbán highlighted how the conservative administration has “prevented the Islamic world from flooding us from the south” with its erection of effective border walls to counter illegal immigration.

“We Hungarians have a future only if we remain Hungarians, if we cultivate our language, protect our Christian and Hungarian culture, and if we guard our independence and Hungarian freedom,” he added.


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