‘Brexit Betrayal at Its Contemptible Worst’ – Appeaser Theresa Asks EU for INDEFINITE ‘Transition’ Period

Theresa May

Remain-supporting Prime Minister Theresa May has been accused of her most shocking betrayal of Leave voters yet, as it emerges she has asked the European Union for an indefinite so-called ‘transition’ period after Brexit.

“The UK believes the [transition] period’s duration should be determined simply by how long it will to prepare and implement the new processes and new systems that will underpin the future partnership [with the European Union],” read a draft text seen by The Times.

It was previously expected that the United Kingdom would only be subjected to a ‘transition’ period of around two years — during which it is expected that very little about Britain’s relationship with the EU will change, except a likely loss of MEPs and European Council voting rights — and it was recently reported that this could even end in December 2020, which was earlier than expected.

The new proposals suggest May is, in fact, seeking an “open-ended” transition, with a fixed date for a genuine break with Brussels nowhere to be seen.

“This is Brexit betrayal at its contemptible worst,” commented Gerard Batten MEP, the UK Independence Party’s interim leader.

“It’s time for May to go and for a genuine Brexiteer to step up for role of Prime Minister.

“I’ve warned that closet Remainers such as May will delay and impede Brexit in the hope of later overturning the democratic wishes of the people later. This is barefaced treachery and cannot be allowed to stand,” he added.

Junior Brexit minister Steve Baker, who campaigned for a Leave vote during the referendum, claimed on the BBC that there would be a fixed date for Brexit in the end, after the document was leaked.

“I’d be quite happy for us to have the minimum period necessary to get out successfully into the new arrangements but that is a matter to negotiate with the European Commission,” he suggested.

“You can see that they want us to exit at the end of the budget period, the Prime Minister is suggesting two years.

“But what will be the case is, when we’ve agreed, there will be a fixed date.”

This does not appear to be mentioned in the document, however.

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