Diane Abbott Says She Was ‘Frightened’ by Enoch Powell’s Speech — But Half of Britain’s Coloured Immigrants Agreed With Him


Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott invoked the late Enoch Powell MP’s infamous “Rivers of Blood” speech in an address on immigration, claiming she was “frightened” by the words of the renowned classicist, war veteran, and former Minister for Health.

The left-wing Member of Parliament — known for her finance-related gaffes and her own anti-white racism — would have been 15 years old when Powell delivered one of the most well-received speeches in the country’s political history.

She said today:

I remember Enoch Powell’s speech, I think I was in primary school, and I wasn’t following it in huge detail, but I do remember how I felt. People were talking about it even in school and I felt frightened. I didn’t quite know why, I didn’t know exactly what had been said, but I felt frightened.


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