Brexit Boom: British Exports Strongest Since 2010, Defying Pre-Referendum Recession Threats

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

British exports are at their strongest since 2010, according to a report by Heathrow Airport and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) — making a mockery of claims that post-referendum “uncertainty” would crash the economy.

The value of export goods destined for markets beyond the European Union and Switzerland have risen by some 150 per cent, with Heathrow carrying £48.9 billion — or 30 per cent — of this cargo, City A.M. reports.

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow’s chief executive officer, said that the figures proved that Britain needs to “secure its status as an outward-looking global trading nation” — although he stopped short of calling out the EU loyalists in Parliament seeking to tie Britain to an EU customs deal which could see the bloc continuing to set Britain’s trade policy.

Trade is so brisk, in fact, Heathrow is operating at capacity, with Holland-Kaye claiming that the airport must expand “so we can connect all corners of the UK to the growing markets of the world”.

The figures are just the latest nail in the already overcrowded coffin lid of the Remain campaign’s Project Fear, whose centrepiece was a Treasury report warning voters that a Leave vote would inflict an “immediate and profound shock” to the British economy, tipping the country into recession and putting hundreds of thousands out of work.

In fact, the economy has continued to grow post-referendum, with factory output especially strong as the fall in sterling lets the air out of what Princeton University academic Ashoka Mody described as a “finance-property bubble” and redirects economic activity towards manufacturing and exports.

Breitbart London reported on March 5th that manufacturing growth is now expected to outpace the rest of the economy, with international firms such as Siemens and Unilever announcing multi-million-pound plants and research centres, expected to create thousands of new jobs.

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