Khan Responds to Knife Crime Surge, Blames Tories

Rob Stothard/Getty Images

The London Mayor has responded to the city’s growing crime wave and calls for his resignation by once again blaming those on the political right, as well as by promoting a hashtag on Twitter.

Sadiq Khan took up the capital’s top job two years ago, promising to focus on making London safe, but has subsequently overseen a massive rise in violent attacks. Burglary, sexual assault, and rape are also up.

The shock headline that London’s homicide rate had overtaken that of New York, published over the weekend, prompted calls for his resignation.

Mr. Khan was initially silent, only shared uplifting videos on Twitter along with the hashtag #LondonNeedsYouAlive.

He responded Wednesday, blaming “Tory cuts” and claiming the crime wave was “across Britain”. Crime is up nationwide, but knife other forms of crime are rising fastest in Mr. Khan’s London.

Speaking to the London Assembly, he also promised more money to support 1,000 new police officers and specific funds for “mental health work” and stopping violence against women. Funds are to be taken from London business rates and council tax hikes.

“Tackling rising crime will also require us to be tough on the causes of crime,” he added, promising £45 million for a new “young Londoners’ fund” for education, sport, and “cultural activities” aiming at helping “young people to thrive and fulfil their potential”.

Last month, Breitbart London reported that Mr. Khan had unveiled a £1.4m fund to tackle knife crime, largely going towards “community” meetings, clubs, and recreational projects, and including £6,400 given to a London Islamic Centre.

The number of murders in London, which excludes terrorism, has risen by almost 40 per cent since 2014. A total of 37 were committed in the capital in the last two months. And in February, London recorded 15 murders, while 14 murders were recorded in New York.

Before his election, Mr. Khan claimed police stop and search tactics unfairly targeted minority ethnic groups and promised to “do everything in my power to cut” the practice, before reversing his stance as crime began to surge over the summer.

In January, after another set of shock statistics, Mr. Khan made similar comments, saying he could not “solve knife crime by myself”, blaming Conservative government cuts, and implying right-wing opponents were lying.

Former UKIP leader and Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farge waded into the debate Tuesday, urging Mr. Khan to stop grandstanding on the global stage and focus on his job.

Mr. Farage said on his LBC radio show: “I never thought I would see the day when the murder rate in London would overtake that of New York.

“I wonder whether the London Mayor Sadiq Khan should spend a bit less time slagging off Donald Trump and a bit more time getting to grips with crime in London because clearly, we have a really bad problem here.”


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