Delingpole: Met Office Caught Lying About Britain’s ‘Hottest May Evah’

Beach time in Brighton to take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather, on the south coast of England Saturday, April 9, 2011.(AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)
AP Photo/Harry Hamburg

The Met Office wants you to believe that this May just gone was the hottest ever recorded in Britain.

Here is one of its spokesmen, talking to the Daily Mail:

Tim Legg, of the Met Office National Climate Information Centre, said: ‘Increased sunshine during the month has helped to keep daytime temperatures high, leading to it provisionally being the warmest May since records began in 1910. It is also likely to be the sunniest May since 1929 too.’

Since records began in 1910, eh?

This is a true sentence: so long as you completely ignore the fact that in Britain records actually go back to 1659.

Paul Homewood has the facts:


This makes the month only the 18th warmest on record, with the hottest May occurring in 1833:


A closer look at the warmest months reveals nothing out of the ordinary about last month.


Daytime temperatures have been relatively higher, as Legg notes. But even these were not as high as in 1992:


Obviously, the Met Office couldn’t possibly be expected to know about the Central England Temperature record.

No, wait. It could. One of its jobs is actually to maintain the Central England Temperature record. So it can’t be ignorance that is informing their “Hottest May Evah” narrative.

Which only leaves one explanation. The Met Office is telling porkie pies for political reasons. It wants everyone to believe that “global warming” is a thing – even if this involves torturing the data till it screams.

The Met Office has form in this regard.

British taxpayers fork out more than £200 million a year for the Met Office’s dodgy prognostications. No one would mind if it stuck to stuff like meteorology, which can be quite useful. What sticks in our craw is the relentless alarmist politics.


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