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Shock Study: Global Warming Has Made Britain’s Climate a Bit Nicer…

Global warming has made Britain’s climate slightly more mild and pleasant. This is the shock finding of a study likely to send paroxysms of terror through the alarmist “science” establishment as it finally realises the game is up and that the evidence just doesn’t support its fantastical scare story.

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Met Office Lies: December Was Not The ‘Wettest Month Evah’

The UK Met Office has issued a statement claiming that December 2015 was the wettest month in the UK “since records* began.” This is at best dishonest and at worst a blatant lie. Its only excuse is that cunning little asterisk,

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BBC’s Green Gestapo Punishes Presenter for WrongThink

The BBC’s Green Gestapo has struck again – this time hauling one of its best loved presenters over the coals for having given voice to incorrect truths about climate change in a BBC Radio 4 documentary. Quentin Letts, the censured journalist,


Blue on blue: warmist BBC slams alarmist Met Office

Quentin Letts has stuck an elegant suede bootee into the Met Office. And the Warmists aren’t happy. UK Meteorological Office universally respected used by USA on its most sensitive missions. BBC broadcasts unfounded attacks. Right of reply? — John Deben

Germany Debates Its Energy Future