Native Dutch Told to ‘Get Out’ if They Don’t Want to Be a Minority in Own Homeland

Leader of DENK ('think' in Dutch), the country's first party led by immigrants, Tunahan Kuzu (R) and Selcuk Ozturk pose at the Binnenhof in The Hague, on February 23, 2017
BART MAAT/AFP/Getty Images

Anyone who has concerns about the future of an increasingly ‘multicultural’ Netherlands in which the Dutch become a minority should leave, according to the leader of pro-migrant party DENK.

Tunahan Kuzu (pictured, right), whose founded-by-migrants, for migrants party wants to create a 1,000-agent ‘racism police’ to drive up prosecutions against people with “xenophobic” beliefs, made the controversial remarks in a YouTube video this week.

In a conversation about identity in the Netherlands, the Istanbul-born MP tells Turkish-origin YouTuber Ismail Ilgun: “When Dutch people see you as a foreigner, they are basically saying they feel superior and that you don’t belong.”

Calling for the tables to be turned, he said any native Dutch people with concerns about “the changing face of the Netherlands, where different people from different backgrounds live together in a city like Zaandam or a neighbourhood like Poelenburg” should “get the hell out”.

Famous for his ‘Hoodvlogs’ videos showcasing the exploits of Turkish youths in Poelenburg, a crime-plagued “problem district” of Zaandam where less than 30 percent of the population is Dutch, Ilgun was branded “scum of the earth” by Prime Minister Mark Rutte in 2016.

The popular Youtuber bragged, ‘I am an Erdoğan warrior, a Turk who will remain in the Netherlands and who will earn a lot of money by making videos without working for it,” after he was criticised for “terrorising the neighbourhood” with videos showing a cyclist beaten up, police cars jumped on, and police and local politicians threatened and intimidated.

Following outcry on social media over his remarks, Kuzu claimed critics had taken the words “out of context”, before stating: “I remain committed to bringing xenophobia, racism and discrimination to a halt so that all Dutch people can feel at home in our country.”

DENK, which means “think” in Dutch and “equality” in Turkish, won several seats in the Dutch parliament last year on an aggressive platform demanding the total deconstruction of native Netherlanders’ identity so as to make migrants feel more at home, including a ban on the terms “native” and “immigrant”.

As previously reported by Breitbart London, the party also demands the tearing down of street names, statues, and monuments relating to the nation’s “racist” past, and heavy focus in the media and throughout Dutch schooling on the Netherlands’ history of colonialism and slavery, and how it supposedly is responsible for all the ills of minorities living in the nation today.


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