Report: Relations of French Supermarket Terrorist Knew of His Radicalism


A new report has claimed that friends and relatives of Trebes supermarket terrorist Radouane Lakdim knew well before the attack that he had become radicalised and even threatened attacks but never contacted police.

The report comes after ten months of investigation into what led up to the attack which saw the 25-year-old French-Moroccan terrorist murder four people including police officer Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, who offered himself in exchange for hostages.

According to the report, the former girlfriend of Lakdim, labelled by the initials “KM”, claimed that he had told her that he wanted to “die as a martyr” and was planning to visit French broadcaster BFMTV to “blow everything up”, adding: “He is a psychopathic terrorist.”

When asked why she did not report him to the police she claimed that he had not given any specific information to her on any planned attacks in France.

Lakdim’s current alleged girlfriend, an 18-year-old on the French terror watchlist known as the S-File, was also arrested a short time after the attack in March, suspected of terrorist conspiracy.

Several months after her arrest, the 18-year-old told a magistrate that Lakdim had shown her several weapons and even kept a pistol under his pillow.

In early 2018 Lakdim also posted several radical messages on the social media platform Snapchat including verses from the Qur’an which advocated the killing of unbelievers.

Several others connected to Lakdim, including former friends and his brother-in-law, have also been detained by French police in connection with the case. Investigators say there are still holes remaining in the case including how much some of the relatives knew about the attack and the origin of the pistol used by Lakdim.

The Trebes attack caused an outpouring of grief across France, much of it over the sacrifice of Lieutenant Colonel Beltrame, but also saw praise for the killing of the officer from far-left former political candidate Stéphane Poussier, who was later arrested for calling Beltrame’s death a great thing.

Leftists also objected to a plaque dedicated to the memory of Beltrame in the commune of Montfermeil because it used the term “Islamist terror”.

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