Claim: Davos Brexit Talks Between Blair, Soros Covered Up by European Commission

Soros Davos
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Information about talks between Tony Blair and George Soros have been redacted from official reports of Davos meetings published by the European Commission, it is alleged.

The conversations between former British prime minister and Iraq War architect Tony Blair, Hungarian-born billionaire plutocrat and open borders campaign funder George Soros, and a top EU Commissioner reportedly took place at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The talks are said to have centred around a plan to prevent the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, EU Observer reports.

The European Commission released a series of summaries of discussions that had taken place at the summit but redacted large portions of text.

Some of the redacted lines censored the summary following the heading: “Soros and Blair: discussions with the two earliest backers of a ‘People’s Vote”.

Another summary indicated that the financial sector viewed “Italy” and “Brexit” as its two major risk areas.

EU Observer claims the redactions come despite the Commission’s claim that they were becoming more transparent, with the information withheld to “protect its decision-making process”.

Indeed, the EU Observer investigation notes that the Commission’s supposed mission to improve transparency is so far from being realised that a tool intended to allow EU citizens to see who their political masters are meeting hasn’t even caught up with the event: the meeting between Blair, Soros, and EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici referenced in the redacted text does not even feature on his registered list of meetings, three months after it took place.

Both Blair and Soros have worked consistently to prevent Brexit.

Blair released a joint statement with the former Irish leader Bertie Ahern this month in which he urged the United Kingdom to hold a so-called “People’s Vote”, or second referendum, on Brexit.

This, Blair said, would allow people to reach the “right conclusion”, perhaps implying they had failed to do so the first time around.

Blair has also reportedly been advising French president Emmanuel Macron on how to keep Britain from leaving the EU. This advice included briefing Macron that the EU should offer no concessions in order to force the British government to give up on Brexit entirely.

Blair reportedly told President Macron that he should “hold firm and then we’ll end up staying.”

Meanwhile, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported in 2018 on cash being funnelled into the Remain campaign by Mr Soros through his foundations.

The convicted insider trader, a committed globalist and supporter of the EU who achieved infamy as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” in the 1990s, sent money to a group called Best for Britain, who say that it is their mission to “wake the country up and assert that Brexit is not a done deal. That it’s not too late to stop Brexit”.

Blair’s organisations have also received money from Soros’s foundations. In 2012 one of his groups paid Blair’s personal charity $601,753 to help secure his advice to the President of Guinea.

The work was described at the time as helping the Guinean president to “manage and execute his ambitious reform agenda effectively”.

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