Brexit Party MEP: European Parliament ‘Serves No Democratic Purpose’

COVENTRY, ENGLAND - APRIL 12: Ben Habib speaks at the launch of the Brexit Party at BG Penny & Co on April 12, 2019 in Coventry, England. Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has launched the Brexit Party ahead of the European Parliamentary elections, which will take place in May. The …
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Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib has said that the European Parliament “should be abolished” because it “provides the trappings of democracy but serves no such purpose”.

Speaking to the Express, Mr Habib, a successful businessman recently elected to represent the London region in the European Parliament, said he was struck by the lack of power the parliament actually has.

“The EU Parliament serves no function. There is no mechanism by which the European Union can be democratic until it has a total political union. So it might as well get rid of the charade of this Parliament,” Mr Habib said.

The First Property Group CEO added: “I think the Parliament is meant to give the EU an air of democracy but it doesn’t perform a democratic purpose. It has got no ability to initiate legislation, It has got no ability to move to have legislation repealed.

“In all practical senses, it can’t block legislation and some legislation just bypasses it. The EU Parliament is just a pointless body.”

The European Parliament, the only one of a number of EU institutions where Europeans can vote on who represents them in the European Union, cannot initiate legislation, that power being held by the European Commission, leading rise to criticism of a “democratic deficit” in the bloc.

Last week, MEPs from the left and right vented their frustration that their suggestions for candidates for the President of the European Commission were ignored. The lawmakers also criticised the European Council for proposing candidates from Germany, France, and Belgian for three of the top jobs, politicians from those nations historically dominating the top EU positions, giving rise to accusations that the Western-dominated bloc is freezing out European voices from the south and east.

Gonzalez Pons, spokesman for the European People’s Party group, the largest group in the European Parliament, said last week: “The future of Europe can no longer be decided behind closed doors… the citizens of Europe want to elect the person who is governing Europe. This is not revolutionary, this is democracy.”

While Mr Habib has been critical of the institution, the MEPs have maintained a presence at the parliament to represent the Britons who elected them to their positions in May. The new party won a historic victory, with the party coming first, gaining nearly one-third of British votes.

Martin Daubney, Brexit Party MEP for the West Midlands, defended his colleagues against criticisms of their attendance record, sharing on Monday footage of the Brexit Party MEPs in the overwhelmingly empty chamber, noting, in particular, the absence of the pro-EU Liberal Democrats.


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