France’s Macron Rejects Suggestion of Brexit Deal Renegotiation

TOPSHOT - Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (R) places his foot on the table during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron (L) at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, on August 22, 2019. - British Prime Minister is visiting Paris, a day after Berlin offered a glimmer of hope …
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French President Emmanuel Macron — already known for being the most frustrated and impatient of European leaders over the Brexit process — has poured doubt over the possibility of any progress on renegotiations of Theresa May’s failed withdrawal deal.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is touring Europe meeting leaders this week, culminating with the G7 conference at the weekend in the hope of reinvigorating the thrice-defeated withdrawal deal given to Theresa May by the European Union when she was Prime Minister.

While Mr Johnson voted against the deal twice, he is preparing to present it to the UK Parliament for a fourth time if he is able to achieve some renegotiation. Particularly in his sights is the so-called backstop agreement, which is meant to bridge the gap between the British and European positions on the Irish border, but willingness to make changes has been limited.

Despite words of encouragement from Germany’s Angela Merkel on Wednesday, France’s President Emmanuel Macron was more certain Thursday afternoon when he said the backstop was “indispensable”. Speaking to journalists at the Presidential Elysee Palace alongside PM Johnson Thursday Macron said: “We have to respect what was negotiated… My position is very clear. I know it’s in your thoughts day and night.”

Regardless, President Macron said he hoped change could be achieved without “totally reshuffling the withdrawal agreement”.

Despite the clear disagreements, the Elysee Palace said in a statement after that the meeting had been “complete” and “constructive.”

Emmanuel Macron has made much of being the most frustrated European leader over the Brexit issue. Since his election, the French leader has often appeared to be less interested in the leadership of his own country and more interested in global leadership, and particularly of reform of the European Union.

Wishing to push Europe towards a federal superstate with its own army, Mr Macron has grown increasingly angered at the Brexit issue taking up all of the European Union’s time and attention, leaving him with less and less time to launch his own grand project.

When Brexit failed to launch at the hands of Theresa May in March 2019 the European Union had wanted to give her a 12-month extension but Macron held out against, insisting less time be given. The new Brexit deadline is consequently October 31st, Halloween.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson making himself at home in the Presidential Palace by putting his feet up on the incongruously modern furniture dotted around the high-classic rooms. The Associated Press reported Emmanuel Macron personally elected to do away with the traditional furniture after he was elected in 2017 in favour of “casting off formality for high-toned comfort.”

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