Sweden: Afghan Suspected of Murdering Elderly Lover Claims He Killed Journalist


A 20-year-old Afghan suspected of murdering his 69-year-old lover has told investigators he remembers killing Swedish anti-establishment journalist Joakim Lamotte, who is very much alive.

Police recently arrested the Afghan migrant in connection with the June murder of the 69-year-old woman who lived in the municipality of Kil. The 20-year-old was allegedly in a sexual relationship with the woman and had strangled her to death, Nyheter Idag reports.

During police interrogation, the suspect allegedly told officers that he was “crazy”.

“I want to go to Afghanistan. Release me. I haven’t done anything. Please release me. I want to go to Afghanistan. I’ve been totally crazy, I’ve gone crazy. Enough! Enough, please! That’s enough, now. Please, that’s enough,” he said.

The 20-year-old added that he had not remembered the incident and said: “I’m not sure about anything. I’m not sure about anything about myself, anything. I don’t know if I’m a woman or a man.”

Later, the migrant claimed to have killed anti-establishment journalist Joakim Lamotte along with Kent Ekeroth, a former populist Sweden Democrats politician, who is also still alive. “I do not know exactly but one of them I have thrown in front of a train,” he said.

Lamotte reacted to the testimony, blaming pro-migrant activists who he said “exploit and brainwash” asylum seekers.

“There must be an end to this, now. Someone has to put their foot down and stop the activists who manipulate asylum seekers for their own gain — not least with the goal of getting a young lover,” he added.

The 69-year-old victim is said to have been a retired teacher who had expressed interest in Afghan asylum seekers since 2015 and had been an active member of the Swedish Green Party.

The trend of older women exploiting much younger migrant men for sex was noted in Austria in 2017. Women who gave migrants financial benefits or a place to live in exchange for sexual favours were labelled “Sugar Mamas”.

A year later, a 56-year-old Swiss woman made headlines after marrying her 27-year-old Pakistani migrant lover who she had previously tried to smuggle into Switzerland illegally the year before.

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