Delingpole: All the Worst People in History Would Have Voted Remain

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 23: Pro-EU protesters outside the Houses of Parliament on October 23, 2019 in London, England. MPs voted against the government rushing through their UK withdrawal bill last night, Tuesday. (Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images)
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‘Scientists’ have ‘proved’ that Brexit voters are genetically inferior to Remain voters.

In other Remainer #FakeNews, a ‘leading professor’ has claimed that Shakespeare would have been a Remainer.

How so? Well apparently — according to this character, René Weis, a Professor of English at UCL — it’s because Shakespeare was ‘open-minded.’ Just like Remainers are. lol.

Meanwhile in the real world, here is the truth: all the worst people in history would have voted for Remain. I know this for a fact because of the answers to a Delingpod quiz I did with my brother Dick Delingpole at the Podcast Live festival a few weekends ago.

To the surprise of no one in the audience, nor indeed to those of us on the stage, it turned out that the historical figures who would have voted Remain included: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Gary Lineker and — I think — Pol Pot.

And among those who would have voted Leave, I was pleased to learn from the bit of paper I’d scrawled on earlier that day, were: Jesus and Winston Churchill.

Some, I suppose, will accuse me of being ‘divisive’ here. But I make no apologies about this because Brexit is a very divisive issue. It is, indeed, in Britain the greatest political litmus test any of us will take in our lives. (The U.S. equivalent is, of course, whether or not you support Donald Trump).

Unlike party politics, which is often tribal and inherited, Brexit has exposed the real ideological faultlines which divide our society today.

These, roughly, are the ones I outlined here:

We’re winning: the good, decent, sensible, value-creating, hard-working, straight-talking, pub-bantering, piss-taking real people are on the verge of trouncing the politically correct, social-justice-worshipping, humourless, economy-draining, finger-wagging, parasitical nonentities who’ve been ruling the roost these last few years.

And which you can read about it more detail in that excellent piece by Russell Taylor I recommended, called The Real Origins of Brexit.

How can I be so sure that all the worst people in history would have voted Remain? Simple. Because all the worst people in the world today would or have voted Remain. (If you’re American, simply change that for: ‘Voted against Donald Trump.’ It’s the same thing)

And I’m not talking here about the people who voted Remain and have since changed their mind. I’m talking about all the Remoaner hold-outs — John Bercow; head of the Supreme Court Baroness Hale; Dominic Grieve; Ken Clarke; ‘Sir’ Oliver Wetwin; the various QCs of our intellectually corrupt and Brexit-deranged judiciary; everyone at the BBC; and so on — who have decided that the defining issue of their lives and careers, the hill on which they have chosen to die and for which they hope forevermore to be memorialised for having died upon, is their achievement in having chucked a rusty spanner into the wheels and cogs of democracy and having totally broken the system that has been functioning successfully for centuries and which made Britain’s constitutional model the envy of the civilised (and uncivilised) world.

Lest you think I’m exaggerating, here is what historian Robert Tombs has to say on the subject. In a Telegraph piece titled ‘Clio, the muse of history, would despair of what Remainers have done to Parliament’, he writes:

But for the first time since we became a democracy, a large part of the political class, including nearly half of elected MPs, are now resisting the legally expressed decision of the majority. Parliament and the Supreme Court have both acted unconstitutionally, not to defend the will of the people, but to oppose it.

He then goes on:

There is no precedent in our history for this, so we have to accept that we are facing something new. True, there have in the past been people, including MPs, whose higher loyalties were somewhere else. On Nov 5 1605, some tried literally to blow up the whole political system in the hope of a religious counter-revolution. In the Forties and Fifties, some worked for the Soviet Union in the hope of a socialist utopia. But never before have hundreds of MPs worked to undermine the edifice of democratic government.

Think about that. History famously repeats itself. But in this particular instance, there is simply no historical precedent for what the Remainers have done to our country. I’m sure a lot of these wreckers worked hard, went to university, got good degrees, and made huge personal sacrifices in order to get to positions — be they in parliament or the judiciary — where they were able to affect the course of British history. And I’ll bet, when they started out, they imagined that whatever they achieved in life it would be a force for good.

But they haven’t been a force for good, have they, these people? There is nothing remotely good about breaking democracy, defying the will of 17.4 million people, making up new laws ex cathedra and on the hoof (as Tony Blair’s utterly bent, revoltingly biased Supreme Court has managed to do), holding the Prime Minister and the government hostage simply by cheating the system and refusing to allow the general election which traditionally settles such contentious matters, and generally making Britain an international laughing stock, is there?


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