Ex-MPs Caught Stealing Historic Antique Furniture from Parliament, But Authorities Won’t Release Names

Serjeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons, Kamal El-Hajji, uses a headset to take a 360 degree virtual tour of St Stephen's Hall, as he stands inside the hall at the Houses of Parliament in central London on March 15, 2017, during a photocall to promote the launch of the online …
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Two former Members of Parliament have been caught trying to steal valuable items from the Palace of Westminster, where the Houses of Parliament are based.

“Security have stopped two MPs removing antique furniture this week. One even had a chaise lounge,” a security official revealed to The Sun.

Strangely, however, officials have refused to name the thieves, who like all former MPs will have been required to leave their parliamentary offices for the duration of the election, and press reports give no indication that charges are being pursued.

Britain’s Parliament is housed in Barry and Pugin’s Gothic Revival Palace of Westminster, the artistic integrity of which includes the large quantities of art, fixtures, fittings, and furniture designed specifically for the building by the great Victorian architects.

While more than seventy former MPs are not standing for re-election — most of them Remainers who either left the Tory parliamentary party or were expelled from it for thwarting the Brexit process — the descriptor “former” could refer to any of the 650 people who until recently sat in the House of Commons, as so long as Parliament is dissolved for the election period the country technically has no MPs.

The parliamentary authorities have written to all of the former parliamentarians instructing them to “Please ensure that any artworks belonging to the Parliamentary Art Collection or Historic Furniture Collection items are left in-situ on your departure” and advising that they have a register of all the historic items which should be present in their former offices.

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