Tory MP Faces Commons Suspension for Telling Male Staffer to Be ‘Less Alluring’

MP Rob Roberts has been suspended from the Conservative Party and faces a suspension from the House of Commons after an internal complaints panel ruled he had sexually harassed a male staff member, at one point telling him to be “less alluring” because the MP found the subordinate attractive. Roberts had also asked a 21-year-old female intern if she wanted to “fool around” with him.

Official portrait of Rob Roberts MP. Rob Roberts is the Conservative MP for Delyn, and has

Kosovo Parliament Debates Serbian Relations by Lobbing Tear Gas Grenades

The turmoil over selecting a Speaker of the House to replace John Boehner seems positively tranquil compared to the debate over Serbian relations in the parliament of Kosovo. Someone decided to filibuster these talks by throwing tear gas grenades in the middle of a parliamentary session, causing two MPs to pass out