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Big Ben Backlash: Plan to Silence Beloved Bell Under Review

LONDON (AP) — British Parliament officials said Wednesday they will review plans to silence Big Ben during four years of repairs after senior politicians criticized the lengthy muting of the beloved bell. When the repairs were announced last year, officials


MPs Should Vacate Parliament For Six-Year Renovation Project – Report

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s parliament should completely vacate its historic Palace of Westminster building for six years in order to allow a multi-billion pound major renovation project to take place, a committee of lawmakers said on Thursday. The neo-Gothic fronted

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Brexit Vote Was Advisory; UK Parliament Must Decide, Lawyers Tell PM

The Brexit vote was advisory so lawmakers in parliament should decide whether Britain should leave the European Union, more than 1,000 prominent British lawyers said in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron. The signatories, which include senior lawyers, said

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Survey: Ukip MP Douglas Carswell Least Trustworthy In Parliament

The Independent reports: Ukip’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, is the least friendly and trustworthy in the House of Commons, a social media survey has found. The newly appointed Shadow Health Secretary, Diane Abbott, was the most patronising, the same survey found. Artios, an

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Government Loses Parliamentary Vote on Longer Sunday Trading Hours

EDINBURGH/LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister David Cameron was rebuffed in parliament on Wednesday when members of his own party joined with opposition lawmakers to block government plans to allow shops to open for longer on a Sunday. In sometimes


UK Parliament May Become Sharia Compliant As Alcohol Ban Mooted

The day after MPs agreed to move out of Parliament while much needed repairs are carried out, it has been revealed that the temporary venue being lined cannot be used for purposes not sanctioned by sharia law. The Palace of Westminster is


UK Parliament to Debate Banning Trump from Britain

The British parliament is set to debate today whether to ban U.S. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from entering the UK. The debate comes after 570,000 people signed an online petition calling for Mr Trump to be refused entry after he

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