Exclusive Video: Peaceful Anti-Lockdown Protestors Arrested at Demonstration in London

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

Several peaceful protestors — including the brother of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn — were arrested at an anti-lockdown demonstration at Speakers’ Corner in London.

On Saturday, at least five protestors were arrested by police for allegedly breaking the national lockdown rules by gathering in Hyde Park.

Piers Corbyn, a British meteorologist and the brother of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, sarcastically told police officers that he came to the park for a “picnic”.

The climate change sceptic and anti-lockdown activist claimed in a speech: “We’ve got to take back control of the National Health Service (NHS) from this Covid operation. In April, as many people committed suicide in the whole year, there are more people dying because of the Covid lockdown than it is saving.”

“The National Health Service has become a Nazified propaganda machine for ‘contagion’. They’re telling us — they said the Jews had contagion — they’re saying everybody in this country could have possible contagion. So, therefore, they can be followed and locked up, ghettoized. We have the Nazification of the National Health Service and we oppose it absolutely,” Corbyn added.

After his short speech, Mr Corbyn was arrested by police, who took him away in a van. Mr Corbyn was also arrested earlier this month during a similar anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park.

At the May 16th protest, Breitbart London’s James Delingpole was threatened with a fine and possible arrest by a member of London’s Metropolitan Police for attending the event, despite his “key worker” status as a journalist.

There have been over 14,000 fines issued by police during the lockdown since it was introduced on March 23, by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

One protester told Breitbart London: “Isn’t it extraordinary that in the whole history of the world, we’ve never had such a thing as ‘lockdown’ before, so where did that idea come from? Well, it came from Wuhan didn’t it?

“So the rest of the world looks at this concept of lockdown — based on these completely erroneous figures — and thinks ‘Well we’ll copy it’. So with that, the Communist Party [of China] have managed to take down the global capitalist system institutions without even firing a bullet,” she concluded.

In response to the demonstration, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “A small number arrests have been made at each site for breach of Covid-19 regulations and some fixed penalty notices issued.”

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