Macron Promises to Expel Migrants Involved in Dijon Inter-Ethnic Gang War

People walk past a burnt van in the Gresilles area of Dijon, eastern France, on June 15, 2020, as new tensions flared in the city after it was rocked by a weekend of unrest blamed on Chechens seeking vengeance for an assault on a teenager. - Police sources said the …

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to deport all foreigners who took part in the Chechen-North African gang war in Dijon that saw several days of violence.

Vehicles and garbage cans were set on fire, and members of local Chechen gangs roamed the streets of Dijon armed with rifles and pistols, with shots being fired. Since Friday, the Chechens have launched “expeditions” into the Grésilles district, the territory belonging to North African gangs.

Several of those behind the violence have been arrested. Some of those detained were revealed to have refugee status in France, according to a report from broadcaster RTL.

In reaction to the violence, French President Macron has vowed to deport any foreigners involved in the conflict.

The street war was sparked after North African gang members viciously beat a Chechen teenager. While tensions remain high, the disorder may be coming to an end as representatives from both communities met on Tuesday evening at a local mosque to discuss an “armistice”.

According to French magazine Marianne, around 15 people from both communities gathered at the Fraternity Mosque in Quétigny, near Dijon, to discuss a possible peace.

Imam Mohammed Ateb, who is said to be close to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, hosted the talks and another imam, a Chechen, also attended.

The father of the Chechen teen attacked last week was present and told the magazine about his son’s attack. He said: “His attackers put the barrel of a firearm into his mouth and made threats against him and all Chechens.”

“I lived through the war. I came to France to have a better and safer life — not so that my children have to experience this kind of thing,” he added.

“This way of doing things is characteristic of the Chechen tradition,” another participant of the meeting said.

“We prefer to settle this between us rather than involving the authorities,” he added.

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