Watch: Black Lives Matter Protest Joins ‘Allah hu Akbar’ Chanting Pro-Yemen Demonstration

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

On Sunday, hundreds of pro-Yemeni and Black Lives Matter protesters joined forces in London to demonstrate against “white” capitalism, systemic racism, and the war in Yemen.

In a Breitbart London exclusive video, protesters are seen shouting the Islamic phrase “Allah hu Akbar” (Allah is greater [than your god]), “Justice for Yemen”, as well as common slogans to the BLM movement in Britain such as “the UK is not innocent”.

A white male activist — who said that he will never truly understand the plight of minorities because he does not “live in a black body” — pointed to the capitalist system as the reason for the world’s ills.

“Quarterly return is the god that capitalism continually worships at. The realities are, as Extinction Rebellion well put it, that the profit motive means that you can never have infinite growth on a finite planet,” he said.

The left-wing speaker went on to warn of the consequences of unemployment during the economic crisis spurred by the Chinese coronavirus. He said: “The realities are that within the next six months we may well have 50 per cent unemployment in the United Kingdom and when that happens, you’re going to see huge, huge social change.”

Another activist took aim at the American Declaration of Independence, saying that it was a product of “white capitalist slave owners” and therefore was used to oppress black people.

“We trust in a concept that was built off our backs and built to enslave. Democracy today does not exist, when we have black people dying on the streets, when we have famine in Yemen and occupation in Palestine. Democracy doesn’t exist because, in the UK, capitalist interests mean more than the interests of the general public,” she said.

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

Echoing similar rhetoric from previous Black Lives Matter protests in London, a young, self-described “mixed-race” woman said that white people having children with a black person does not mean they are not racist.

“By the way, to you who wants or has a mixed-race kid, I hope you realise that doesn’t automatically make you anti-racist. In fact, you’re doing the opposite,” she said.

“You’re, first of all, objectifying and fetishising someone like me and what you are fetishising is a whitewashed blackness… you’re saying that’s okay or that’s trendy, well I am not your fucking trend,” she added.

The far-left rhetoric seen at Black Lives Matter protests and from the leadership of BLM UK has led to one prominent activist distancing herself from the group, saying that the movement has been “hijacked” by a group of Marxists.

“The issue with BLM UK is they have not revealed themselves, they have not been transparent. They are abolitionists, they believe in the removal of prisons, smashing capitalism and abolishing the police,’ actress and activist Imarn Ayton told the Mail on Sunday.

“I am just mortified because everyone has given money and they are not going to use that to better the black community. They are going to use it to abolish the police, remove prisons and get rid of capitalism,” Ayton added.

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