Exclusive Footage: ‘Are You Loyal to Britain? No!’ — Black Lives Matter Protesters Chant at London Demo

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

At a Black Lives Matter protest in Parliament Square in London on Sunday, radical activists proclaimed that they are not “loyal to Britain” because of the alleged institutional racism they see as inherent in the United Kingdom’s capitalist system.

In a Breitbart London exclusive video a speaker at a Black Lives Matter protest said: “Britain is a racist country and if you disagree with that then you are not an anti-racist.”

At multiple points during his speech, the activist — who wore a t-shirt honouring the mass-murdering Cuban communist revolutionary Che Guevara — asked the crowd of demonstrators “Are you loyal to Britain?”

The BLM protesters screamed back “No!” in response.

“Good, I hope not, because the backbone of our country — what made it an imperialist country was the blood of black people. That’s how Britain was built,” he explained.

“We only have contempt for the state, contempt for the police, and contempt for the ideology that formed Britain,” the leftist speaker proclaimed.

“Since they won’t move for the end of racism, we will make them move,” he declared.

The radical leftist went on to blame the capitalist system for the racism that is supposedly embedded in the British system, saying: “Capitalism is what’s in the minds of the politicians, who say there is no institutional racism.”

“Even in the Labour Party, they say that they stand for the working class and minorities, but Keir Starmer was responsible for putting many black people in prison during the London riots,” the speaker said.

Black Lives Matter protests have been occurring in the British capital since the death of American George Floyd nearly three months ago. Though their numbers have dwindled since the initial outbreak of fury, there has been a consistent strain of far-left radicalism present at demonstrations.

In a previous Breitbart London exclusive video, a leader of the Oxford chapter of Black Lives Matter UK, Sasha Johnson, pronounced that the police in the UK are “no different than the KKK”. Johnson went on to call for the establishment of a “Black Militia” to combat racism.

Commenting on the video in July, author of The Madness of Crowds and The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray, said: “They want to present this country of ours or something that it just obviously is not.”

“There is no reason that in the world’s most tolerant and racially tolerant and mixed country, like the UK, that we should just sit by as demagogues and racists try to portray our country as some extraordinarily racist, KKK-ridden hellhole. It’s not right, it’s totally defamatory to our country, it’s unfair, and it’s wrong,” Murray declared.

The Madness of Crowds author went on to surmise that BLM protesters in the UK are “play-acting revolutionaryism” and that they are trying to import the radicalism from the leftist activists who are currently terrorising cities in America.

Murray warned that “there are always some who are willing to take the play-acting a stage further and I hope that the radical left in the UK, which has many supporters in the Labour Party among other places, remember that when they lie about this country… they ought to remember that there are people like this radicalised young woman who do seem to want to push things to the next level.”

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