French Teachers Receive Death Threats Explicitly Referencing Beheading of Samuel Paty

People look at flowers layed outside the Bois d'Aulne secondary school in homage to slain

Teachers at several schools in France have received death threats, stating that unless they pay cash, they will be killed like Samuel Paty.

Just days after an 18-year-old Chechen refugee Abdullah Anzorov beheaded history and geography teacher Samuel Paty for showing his class the Mohammed cartoons published by magazine Charlie Hebdo, several schools in France received death threats via email, referencing the murder.

The emails stated that unless the schools pay 100 bitcoin (£987,033/$1,286,797), the teachers would be killed, according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Vannes (Morbihan), François Touron, Ouest France reports.

“The message does not mention beheading explicitly, but refers to the ‘Chechen diaspora (which) closely monitors all those who offend the Almighty,'” Touron said.

Alain Beauce, the director of public safety in Morbihan, said the départment was taking the threats very seriously and said that authorities were doing more to ensure the safety of teachers and others at schools in the area.

In the days since the murder of Samuel Paty, teachers in France have come forward about the rise of Islamist ideology among their pupils.

In the Paris no-go suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis, one class is said to have cheered after being shown footage of Pakistanis burning French flags in response to the republishing of the Mohammed cartoons earlier this year by Charlie Hebdo.

The French government under President Emmanuel Macron also arrested more than 80 radical Islamic extremists who had expressed support for the teen terrorist.

“Enemies of the Republic cannot expect a minute’s respite,” French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said after the arrests.

Earlier this week, it was also revealed that several students in Seine-Saint-Denis were arrested just a week before the murder of Paty, after they had praised Islamic sharia law and threatened a teacher at a high school.

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