Farage: My Next Campaign Will Be to End Britain’s Dependence on China

Brexit leader Nigel Farage said that after completing his “life’s work” of securing the United Kingdom’s independence from the European Union, his next major campaign will be to reduce Britain’s dependence on China.

Mr Farage said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) represents an “even bigger challenge” and a “bigger threat to our independence, our way of life,” and liberty itself than the European Union.

“China is doing their absolute best to take over the world; they’re throttling democracy in Hong Kong and they’ll do their best to do it elsewhere.  They’ve taken over many of the resources in Africa,” said the leader of the Brexit Party, currently in the process of rebranding as Reform UK, on his YouTube channel.

“This Chinese Communist Party poses a massive threat to the world a threat to our freedoms, a threat to our way of life,” Mr Farage warned.

He said that his next major political campaign will be to raise awareness in Britain of the evils committed by the communist dictatorship and the threat that China poses to freedom and democracy across the world.

“We need to wake up to the threat that is posed by China and 2021 begins my next campaign and that is to make sure we are no longer dependent on China,” he pronounced on Friday.

From the beginning stages of the pandemic, Mr Farage said that the crisis exposed how dependent Western supply chains are on the Chinese state, particularly in sectors such as medicine and personal protective equipment (PPE).

“To see China now exploiting a crisis that they have caused to spread their influence further and deeper into Europe should send a chill down our spines,” he wrote in March.

Unlike President Donald Trump, who made the issue of confronting China a key pillar of his presidency, Mr Farge warned that China is “licking its chops” at the thought of a Biden presidency.

“With Trump all but gone from the White House, and faltering Joe Biden preparing to move in, it now looks as though China’s quest for world domination is back on track. What a calamity,” Mr Farage said.

Mr Farage has argued that the Chinese Communist Party should pay reparations to the West for unleashing and covering up the pandemic, destroying millions of lives and businesses across the world.

“This pandemic was and is China’s fault and the West should demand reparations for the turmoil it has inflicted upon the world,” he last month.

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