Rees-Mogg Rips ‘Red Khan’ for BLM-Inspired ‘Diversity Commission’ on Memorials

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Leading Conservative politician Jacob Rees-Mogg ripped the London mayor as ‘Red Khan’ for the BLM-inspired commission he has established to audit the “diversity” of the capital’s monuments, street names, and other memorials.

The colourful Leader of the House of Commons was speaking in response to Andrew Rosindell, the Member of Parliament for Romford — and a Conservative party colleague — who raised the issue of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm and the fact that “unsurprisingly, it seems to be made up almost entirely of left-wing political activists, campaigners, and celebrities, instead of historians and experts”.

“[D]oes my Right Honourable Friend share my concern about these unelected activists being givent he power to interfere with London street names and monuments, and will he consider granting a debate in Government time to discuss how we can defend our great capital history’s proud history and heritage?”

“I absolutely agree with my Honourable Friend; it seems to me that the Mayor of London has replaced Red Ken as Red Khan,” replied Rees-Mogg, referring to the first man to hold the Labour-created office, hard-left controversialist Ken Livingstone.

“Who would have thought that you would have a more left-wing leader of London than Ken Livingstone? But now we do, and Red Khan is he,” the Tory lamented.

“It is quite wrong that these loony left-wing wheezes should be inflicted upon our great Metropolis, and I think the mayor in his zeal is potentially treading on the toes of council anyway; the councils have the right to name streets, by and large, not the mayor of London, and I don’t think he should interfere in things that are not his responsibility,” he continued.

“And as I was saying on the Honours system, we should celebrate and glory in our wonderful history and in the great heroes of our nation, going back over centuries,” he added.

One of the most controversial members of Mayor Khan’s so-called diversity commission is Toyin Agbetu, who in 2007 disrupted a service commemorated the 200-year anniversary of Britain’s abolition of the slave trade in Westminster Abbey by advancing on Queen Elizabeth II demanding an apology and screaming “you should be ashamed!”

Video footage of the incident shows Agbetu tussling with security guards, shouting “Let go of me!” and shoving his finger in one of their faces, threatening “I’ll punch you out!”

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