Delingpole: Prince Charles Is a Blithering Green Idiot

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Prince Charles is a blithering green idiot. Obviously this is a headline that could have been written any time in at least the last 30 years. But someone needs to remind the toxic, airheaded nincompoop that he doesn’t speak for all of us. And since no one is going to say this anywhere in the fawning, worthless and obsolete legacy media, I guess the job will have to fall to me…

Here is the Prattish Prince’s latest idiocy. It’s a BBC interview in which Charles effectively lends his royal imprimatur to eco-fascist groups such as Extinction Rebellion and their side project Insulate Britain.

Sure, he starts cautiously by gently chiding their methods: “It isn’t helpful, I don’t think, to do it in a way that alienates people.”

But having got that neat little piece of arse-covering out of the way, he quickly flashes his true colours:

Asked if he sympathised with Greta Thunberg, the climate campaigner who has also criticised leaders for failing to act, he said: ”Of course I do, yes.

“All these young people feel nothing is ever happening so of course they’re going to get frustrated.  I totally understand because nobody would listen and they see their future being totally destroyed.”

The prince also said he understood why groups such as Extinction Rebellion were taking their protests to the streets.

The Prattish Prince is coming dangerously close here to endorsing eco-terrorism.

We know, for example, that at least one person has been seriously harmed as a result of the activities of Insulate Britain which has repeatedly blocked arterial roads, preventing ambulances from carrying stricken patients to hospital.

Rather than apologise for this, Insulate Britain’s spokesmen have been defiant and self-righteous, comparing their petty, sordid antics to those of Allied strategists in the Second World War making small sacrifices for the greater good.

It is hugely depressing to see the heir to the British throne, a man whose only job (and an outrageously well paid one, at that) is to promote national unity, nailing his colours to the mast of ugly little eco-fascist groupuscules largely made up of braindead pensioners, perma-activist crusties, and spoilt trustafarian missies who don’t need to worry about the economic damage done by their actions because Daddy or Grandpa or the Family Office will always insulate them from the consequences.

As Spiked notes, this really is a case of spoilt toffs indulging their revolutionary fantasies at the expense of ordinary decent folk who just want to be able to get around in their cars and heat their homes — and is that really too much to ask? If you’re a toffee-nosed little missy, yes, apparently…

The Prince of Wales is just one of many royals and aristocrats who are paid-up members of the environmentalist movement. In 2019, Princess Marie-Esméralda of Belgium, daughter of Leopold III, was arrested while taking part in Extinction Rebellion protests in London. Last year, Lady Dido Berkeley was cleared of charges after lying in the road during climate-change protests. There’s also Tamsin Omond, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, who is the grandchild of a baronet.

When I call these people blithering green idiots, though, I understate the case. A blithering idiot is more often than not a harmless fool. Whereas what these people are doing is much more dangerous than that. And some of them, I’m sure, are perfectly well aware of the Stygian evil of their enterprise.

Does Prince Charles know how thoroughly Satanic are the forces he is supporting? There was a time when I would have argued ‘no’. Charles, I used to think, says the stupid stuff he does because he is like ‘Ethelred the Unready’ — unraed, which means “ill-counselled”.

But Prince Charles’s relentless enthusiasm for Klaus Schwab’s loathsome Great Reset project has caused me to reconsider.

Charles supports eco-fascist groups because he is himself at heart an eco-fascist. And like so many eco-fascists he seems to have absolutely no qualms about telling complete lies to advance his noxious cause.

That statement in his interview, for example, that young people see their future being destroyed because no one is listening to the demands of doom goblin Greta Thunberg: wait? What??

We are living in an era where the obsession of global governments with green issues is unprecedented. In the United Kingdom, for example, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set the country on a course for almost unimaginably draconian CO2 reduction targets which will cause huge economic disruption and greatly impinge on the freedoms of ordinary people.

Yet according to the future King of England, none of this rampant eco-fascism is nearly extreme enough. In fact it’s so unextreme, according to the Prattish Prince, that he isn’t even prepared to acknowledge that it is happening.

When asked if the UK government was doing enough to combat climate change, the prince replied:  ”I couldn’t possibly comment.”


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