Farage Brands Austrian Lockdown for Unvaxxed ‘Dark Times for Freedom and Liberty’

An illustration photo taken on November 12, 2021 shows a person showing the QR code for the online registration for the Hellbrunn Advent Magic Christmas Market on a smartphone, as the market will only give access according to the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered), in Salzburg, Austria, ahead of the …

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has condemned Austria’s lockdown for the unvaccinated as a sign of “dark times for freedom and liberty”.

From midnight on Monday, Austria enforced a lockdown of unvaccinated citizens, affecting an estimated two million in a country of nine million.

Unvaccinated people will not be allowed to go to restaurants, sports facilities, and hairdressers, and will only be allowed to leave home for limited reasons, such as going to work and buying food, Austrian public broadcaster ORF reports.

There are some exceptions to the lockdown, such as children under 12 and those who have recovered from the virus.

Remarking on the announcement, Nigel Farage said on Sunday: “[There is] a divided society (the jabbed versus the jabbed-nots) in Austria, as [a] lockdown [is] imposed on all unvaccinated people. Dark times for freedom and liberty.”

Barely three weeks before the measures were introduced, Mr Farage had warned that the West faced descending in a societal division of the “jabbed” and “jabbed-nots”, with the unvaccinated becoming modern-era “social lepers”.

“I don’t want to live in a two-tier society, don’t want to live in a society where those who for reasons of conscience or belief don’t choose to be jabbed become effectively social outcasts… the whole thing is completely and utterly loathsome,” the Brexit leader said.


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