Delingpole: Meet ‘Mistress’ – the Girl Guides’ Transgender Commissioner

A group of Girl Guides being shown a snake while at camp circa 1920. (Photo by Paul Thompson/FPG/Getty Images)
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The Girl Guides (now known as Guiding UK) has reportedly appointed as a ‘lead commissioner’ a man who identifies as a woman and has posted a photo of himself on social media wearing a leather bondage outfit and carrying a whip, with the caption ‘Behave yourselves or Mistress will have to punish you.’

Monica Sulley (also known as Monica Tetley) became a commissioner in the Southwell branch of the Girl Guides in July this year, the Daily Mail reports. Her appointment appears to be fully in line with the Girl Guides’ policy on ‘transgenderism’…

As a girl-only organisation with a trans-inclusive Equality and diversity policy, we treat trans girls and women according to the gender they have transitioned, or are proposing to transition, to. Meaning trans girls and trans women are welcome to be a part of our great charity.

What the organisation fails to explain is why it felt it had to introduce this policy. Nevertheless, they seem content to have marked their own homework on the matter:

In line with our values of inclusion and changing as the lives of girls change, it’s important that we welcome trans girls and women. Our UK-wide annual survey into the views of girls and young women, the Girls’ Attitudes Survey, helps us to understand the changing lives of girls today. It found that 86% of girls and young women aged 11-21 believe people should not be discriminated against because they are transgender.

But the general public appears unimpressed. When the Girl Guides announced its policy in May on Twitter, comments were almost universally negative.

Among the responses:

Not only does inclusion of males in female spaces pose a risk to the females, but it also distorts reality when girls are forced to collude in the lie that boys are girls. Even if that boy who says he’s a girl is a lovely, gentle child, the girls are being gaslit. It is abusive.

Girl guiding: no longer fit for purpose.

Any organisation which gaslights my daughters into believing they should accept males into their safe spaces does not get my support. My daughter is not going back to her rainbows unit. The safety and dignity of girls has been left behind in your pursuit of woke cookies.

Twitter threads on Sulley/Tetley have generated more outrage still:

So it is no longer “GIRL” Guiding then? I do hope males are not being allowed in sleeping quarters, changerooms or showers of girls. That is a safeguarding issue.

He looks so wholesome though…

A thread on Mumsnet is similarly unimpressed

This person should not be allowed anywhere near Girl Guiding. A totally inappropriate individual.

Of course, if we are to believe transgender activists, the kind of people who say this sort of thing are either TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) or common or garden transphobes. Either way, according to current woke thinking, such reactionary responses should be ignored.

But the relevant branch of the Girl Guides clearly isn’t happy with the attention because it has removed the page from its website giving details of its team members.

In a statement, Angela Salt OBE, CEO of Girlguiding who joined the organisation from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in 2019 told Breitbart London:

The safety and wellbeing of our members is our absolute priority. We follow rigorous recruitment and vetting procedures, have clear policies, and a volunteer code of conduct which volunteers are expected to follow to keep our members safe. Girlguiding is aware of concerns raised. We are looking into this as a matter of urgency and will provide the necessary support and action in line with our compliance procedures.

Well there you go…


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