Socialised Healthcare System Failing to Properly Question ‘Transgender’ Patients Before Surgery – Claim

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The UK’s publicly funded healthcare system is not properly questioning its “transgender” patients before surgery, a former “transgender woman” has alleged.

A person who formerly lived as a “transgender woman” has alleged that the UK’s socialised healthcare system is not properly questioning people before they undergo sex-change surgery.

Ritchie Herron, who has returned to identifying as a man, voiced the allegations while saying that he intended to take legal action against the British National Health Service (NHS) over the way it treated him.

According to a report by The Times, Herron claimed that the socialised healthcare provider failed to heed his own concerns about undergoing transgender surgery, with medics even allegedly putting down his fears to his obsessive compulsive disorder.

As a result, Herron reportedly ended up undergoing a “vaginoplasty surgery”, the results of which have allegedly left him in pain, with no sex drive, and with problems emptying his bladder.

“There’s like a conveyor belt system going on where they’re just trying to rush through people as quickly as possible, because the waiting list is like five years in some areas now,” Herron said regarding the situation, describing the system as “affirmation only; no question”.

A segment of Britain’s NHS system meanwhile told the Times that it cannot comment on sole cases, but that treatment in general is only allegedly administered after prior thorough investigation.

This is far from the first time that the UK’s socialised healthcare service has been heavily criticised for its treatment of alleged cases of “transgender” identity.

A whistleblower from within the country’s Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust — a segment of the NHS heavily involved in “transgender” cases for children — previously said that the organisation was failing to properly question children who came forward as trans.

“There’s a focus on very, very superficial surface phenomena and lack of probing,” Dr David Bell, a former governor of the institute, previously alleged.

“Many young people, who are unwilling or unable… to conform to gender stereotypes… are misunderstood as being transgender,” he continued. “That is, if you don’t like pink ribbons and dollies, you’re not really a girl.”

The medical professional also claimed that there was “virtually no psychological scrutiny at all” for child patients, who he said were being put on track for transgender surgery as soon as they turn 18.

“98 per cent of pubertal children progress from so-called puberty blockers and on to sex hormones, and thus starting them on puberty blockers is putting them on the road to opposite-sex hormones and to surgery,” he went on to say.

Despite the criticism of the medical elements of transgenderism in the United Kingdom, the ideology maintains significant cultural capital in the country, with officials within the country’s police and civil service being instructed to believe there are dozens of different genders.

It also appears like the ideology has taken hold in the country’s schools, with outcry hitting the British press after a story emerged of a teenager getting allegedly bullied out of school for questioning the trans belief system.

According to claims made by the girl and other people allegedly from within the school, the girl was at one point allegedly surrounded by her fellow pupils, who spat at her while calling her a “Nazi, bigot, fascist, transphobe, homophobe, racist, c**t”.

Teachers in the Secondary School were meanwhile allegedly hesitant to help the girl due to the ideological nature of the accusations against her.

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