Groomer Who Raped Young Boys May Be Out 18 Years Into 249-Year Sentence

West Midlands Police

Fazal Sidiqkhil, who groomed and raped young boys in England’s West Midlands, could be back on the streets after less than 19 years despite being sentenced to dozens of terms totalling 249 years.

The paedophile groomer, whose citizenship and migration background were not mentioned in the official news bulletin published by West Midlands Police on his sentencing, preyed on boys as young as 11, buttering them up with cash gifts to win their trust before subjecting them to “the most abhorrent” sexual offences and terrifying them into silence with threats against their families and of publishing footage of their abuse online.

Underlining the heinous nature of his attacks on children, the court ordered Sidiqkhil to forfeit and destroy items used in his crimes. They were rope, a “penis pump / enlarger”, a mobile telephone, oil, a “black strap with beads”, and a rucksack.

Sidiqkhil, of Alum Rock, was supposedly given a “34-year extended sentence” for his crimes — although in reality this is comprised of only 28 years’ custody and six additional years in which he will be subject to licence conditions after his release.

Even the 28 years he has been “jailed for”, according to police and local media, portrays the “custodial” portion of his sentence misleadingly, as according to the court he will be eligible for release from custody after serving just two-thirds of that 28 years — several months short of a mere 19 years.

Yet sentencing reports in the United Kingdom media are so often misleading, with the headline figure sometimes comprised of multiple terms to be served concurrently — i.e. at the same time, rendering all but the longest meaningless. Also, the fact convicts are typically eligible for release at the halfway or two-thirds point, often automatically, is seldom mentioned. Breitbart London, therefore, sought greater clarity from Birmingham Crown Court on how exactly Sidiqkhil had been sentenced.

It was revealed by the court that he had been convicted on fully 30 counts for a variety of crimes related to violence, threats, sexual abuse, and paedophilic grooming, with the total prison time he was handed for each of them adding up to 249 years.

All of them, however, are to be served concurrently, meaning that the only one that matters is the longest, in this case for 28 years — with eligibility for release two-thirds of the way through.

This relatively light sentence, sold to the public as “lengthy” by the authorities and media, was gifted to Sidiqkhil by the judge — working off soft sentencing guidelines — despite the fact that an astonishing 18 of the crimes Sidiqkhil was convicted for carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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