Khan’s London: 100-Man ‘Machete Brawl’ Leaves Boy Dead and Teenager Fighting for His Life

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A boy has been killed and a teen left fighting for his life after a 100-man “machete brawl” in Sadiq Khan’s London.

A “machete brawl” involving around 100 people has left at least one dead and another seriously injured in leftist politician Sadiq Khan’s London.

Under the administration of the Labour Party mayor, the British capital has seen widespread violent crime, with police representatives even pleading that the city’s annual Afro-Caribbean festival is no longer held after a number of stabbings, one deadly, and tens of attacks on officers, including two sexual assaults on female officers.

According to a report by broadcaster GB News, one more has now been added to London’s violent death count for 2022, the victim said to be a boy aged 17.

Another teenager, who police believe is an 18-year-old male, is also in critical condition following the violent altercation in the east of the city.

The mass brawl is alleged to have kicked off after a number of individuals were refused entry to a house party in the area.

A Section 60 order — which allows officers to stop and search any individual in the area — was introduced following the incident. Officials at Scotland Yard say that an investigation into the incident is in its early stages, and no arrests have yet been made.

The melee is only the latest in a long line of violent incidents that have taken place in London in recent weeks, with a number of daylight killings prompting outrage from the general public.

Police in the city have even urged that a major Afro-Caribbean carnival held in the capital each year is ended, after the event was once again engulfed by widespread violence, including at least one killing.

Law enforcement officers were also a target at the Notting Hill festival, with 34 service members reportedly left injured after being attacked while policing the event. Two policewomen were even sexually assaulted by attendees.

Sadiq Khan appeared to downplay the violence, however, instead praising the event for its “immaculate” vibes on social media — despite the experiences of those within the force for which he serves as Police and Crime Commissioner.

Khan has previously tried to blame the widespread violence in the capital on warm weather, the fact school holidays are on, as well as the cost of living crisis.

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