California Churches Defy State Worship Ban by Holding Services on Beaches, Indoors

cross on beach
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Thousands of Christians in California are continuing to worship in public in defiance of Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus executive order banning public worship during the pandemic.

More than 5,000 people showed up on a beach in San Diego Sunday for a “Let Us Worship” event put on by Sean Feucht, a Christian leader and founder of the nonprofit called Hold the Line.

“It’s just the most raw, organic, gritty gospel” Feucht told Fox News. “It’s been very eclectic, very diverse in terms of people praying and singing. People got healed, saved, and delivered.”

Feucht has been traveling across California, leading the faith community in “Let Us Worship” protests with local faith leaders and pastors after Newsom announced he was banning singing in houses of worship at the beginning of this month and placed stricter measures on indoor venues.

The state currently is number one in terms of coronavirus cases.

Hundreds showed up to a praise and worship service at Fresno City Hall, where they prayed, worshipped, and witnessed baptisms in the City Hall fountain.

“I believe in Jesus Christ and the freedom to worship and that’s why we’re here,” Vanessa Kelly, a mother of three, told the Fresno Bee. “We love Jesus and we want to worship and nothing’s going to stop us from doing that.”

While Feucht has chosen to hold his services outside, many faith leaders and pastors are holding services inside to spite Newsom.

Pastor and author John MacArthur held a well-attended service on Sunday at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, located outside of Los Angeles.

“We understand that the world does not understand the importance of the church,” MacArthur, who has led the congregation for 50 years, explained. “The world does not understand that it is not only essential, but it is the only hope for eternal life for doomed sinners.”

Pastor Che Ahn filed a lawsuit on behalf of a network of churches against Newsom’s ban on singing in houses of worship.


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