VIDEO: Boy Saves Diabetic Mom’s Life After Her Blood Sugar Drops

A boy in Baytown, Texas, recently saved his mother’s life thanks to his quick thinking in a dangerous situation.

Five-year-old Benjamin Montemayor knew something was wrong the morning of November 1, when his mom, who is diabetic, was lying unresponsive in her bed, reported KTRK.

“She didn’t wake up,” Benjamin said.

The boy then rushed to call his grandmother for help. “He was crying; he was screaming. ‘Memaw, please help me,’” Marciela Torres described of the call.

Torres then phoned the boy’s father who had already left the house for work, and he called 911. He arrived at their home shortly before emergency crews.

“I just woke up with a whole bunch of paramedics around me,” the homeschooling mom of two recalled. She also said she did not remember feeling bad before her husband left for work that morning, but the situation took a dangerous turn when her blood sugar level dropped significantly.

“They checked her [blood] sugar [level], and it was 39, which is way too low,” her mother told reporters.

“Honestly, I don’t remember anything,” Montemayor said of the tense situation.

However, once paramedics gave her something to raise her blood sugar, she began to feel like herself again.

Montemayor praised her young son for his heroic actions, adding that if it were not for him, she might not be alive.

“If he would not have called for help, I would’ve been dead,” the young mother said, adding that it is never too early for parents to make sure their children know what to do in an emergency.

“Teach your kids. Teach your kids even if you have to put an emoji by somebody’s name, or a heart, different colored hearts, by certain people’s names so they know if there’s an emergency, press this heart, it’s going to grandma, press this heart, it’s going to call dad,” Montemayor concluded.

Her son was called a hero and received a fireman’s hat from first responders who came to their home during the emergency, according to WNDU.


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